Week 2

Week two had a few hiccups.  My darling husband bought me Krispy Kreme as a surprise.  Lovely thought but a huge calorific no-no.  I know I have no self-control and getting control of my eating is one of my goals.  At the moment if the crap food is there I will eat it and I will eat A LOT of it.  You’ll notice I completely gave into temptation and ate 5 scrum-diddly-umptious donuts over two days.  On Friday night I had dinner at my Mum-in-laws and had a piece of cake after dinner.  That day I had leisurely swum in the pool with the boys (their last week of school holidays) for over 3 hours.  Apparently even just moving around in the pool with occasional laps burns a lot of calories.  I didn’t count the whole 3 hours worth as I felt the number of calories that kept popping up for swimming (leisure) when I searched online was a little higher then I feel I burnt.  Most gave an approximate of 500 calories per hour.  I felt I had definately earned 500 calories so I put that down rather then the full 1500.

On Saturday night we went out to dinner for my mum-in-law’s 50th birthday 🙂  I planned what I was going to select from the menu, decided to forgo a glass of wine with my meal and I factored in a piece of birthday chocolate mud cake.  The donuts I ate that morning threw a spanner in the works but I went to the gym for a huge (but absolutely enjoyable) workout and worked off those donuts and bought myself some room to move for that evening.

Though week 2 wasn’t all I had hoped it would be, I am proud of myself for:

  • Being honest!  I didn’t just ignore the quarter of a donut I snuck in after eating two whole ones.  Part of overcoming my binge eating habits I feel is acknowledging and owning up to everything that goes in my mouth.  Those little bits add up!  When I make mashed potato for dinner and I “taste-test” 4 tablespoons worth over the course of serving up plates…that’s not FREE!  Its horrifying how many things I do that with!  A few lollies snuck here or there can add up to a whole 250g packet over 2 days.  I just ignored these things in the past.
  • My mentality….when I saw those donuts I didn’t dread them because I feel I need to deprive myself and they are BAD…I dreaded them because I knew I was going to have to factor them in and it would mean missing out on calories to bulk up my lunch and dinner (things like adding 1 tablespoon of olive oil to my lean steak and salad…something high in calories but something I know is good for me and makes my meal more enjoyable).
  • I didn’t quit!  This is something I need to work on in my personal development in general….I’m a quitter….a huge wimpy quitter…to the point where for years I don’t TRY anything because I don’t want to discover I’m not perfect two seconds in and quit 2 seconds after that…
Date Weight Calories(W) Calories Used
Total Consumed Food Deficit Calories Earned
Total Burnt Deficit(D) Deficit(W)

21/01/09 83 Wednesday TF Shake 204

Tread Climber

Skim Mocha x2 112

20 minutes -200

Musashi Powder 173


Banana, blueb, milk 235

20 minutes -100

Smoothie 300


Chicken Burrito 500

3 hours light -500

Tuna Sandwich 200

1724 296

-800 -1321 -1321

22/01/09 83 Thursday Bacon & eggs 539


Skim Mocha x2 112

5 minutes -70

Silverside 600

Cheese Sauce 365

Pot, pum, peas 416

Smoothie 303

Veggie Chips 100

TF Bar 203

2638 1210

-70 323 -998

23/01/09 83 Friday TF Shake 204 Tread Climber

Skim Mocha 56 25 minutes -300

Corned Silverside 140 Weights

Protein Shake 368 5 machines

1 slice of bread 112 Swimming

Veg and chips 100 2 hours leisure -700

TF Chocolate 73

Chicken Schnitzel 350

Krispy Kreme 642

Chocolate Sponge 500

2545 1117
-1000 -700 -1698

24/01/09 83 Saturday Krispy Kreme 600 Tread Climber
TF Bar 203 70 minutes
TF Shake 204 Eliptical
Corn Chips +smoothie 250 20 minutes
Miscellaneous 400 Bike
Coffee 56 20 minutes
Mud Cake 434 -1000
KangarooSteak 200g 196
Sweet Potato 1 cup 253
Shitake Mush 48

2644 1216
-1000 -601 -2299
25/01/09 83 Sunday Croissant 375.6
Cheese 170.81
Ham 100
Banana, blueb, milk 235
TF Bar 203
Coffee x2 110
Apple Pie 300
Veg 74
Bacon 172
Snacks 300
Olive Oil 100

2140.41 712.41
0 -104.59 -2403.59
26/01/09 83 Monday Smoothie 235
Coffee 50
TF Shake 204
WW Snack Muffin Bar 100
Vege Sausage x2 172
Capsicum + onion 70
Bread 180
Olive Oil 150
Margarine 100
Hot Chocolate 42

1303 -125
0 -942 -3345.59

27/01/09 83 Tuesday Peanut Butter 121.29
Toast 180
Skim Mocha x2 112
Apple Pie 700
TF Shake 204
Smoothie 400

1717.29 289.29
0 -527.71 -3873.3

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