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Jammy thumbs!…and fingers : Thumbprint Cookies

These buttery little bites of yumminess are a new favourite in our house.  I used some of our jam from the farm: Apple and Blackberry Jam and Spicy Crab Apple Jelly.  Both turned out delicious though the jam looked prettier being firmer and the jelly was gorgeously gooey being a little runnier.  Next time I… Continue reading Jammy thumbs!…and fingers : Thumbprint Cookies

Butterfly Cakes
Sweet Treats, Yummy Recipes

Butterfly Cakes, making cupcakes with children.

Come on boys, admit it.  Butterflies (or flutterbyes if you're under 5) are pretty and you like 'em.  It's nothing to be ashamed of, boys wear pink now so butterflies are just the logical next step. Now that you've fessed up, let's talk about the delectably edible kind and who better to take us through… Continue reading Butterfly Cakes, making cupcakes with children.