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…Grumbly Soul

Being a parent is a struggle some days.  Gone are the days of wiping bottoms, grizzly teething babes, sleepless nights, dragging a stroller around and/or a little one attached to my hip 24/7.  All 3 of ours are at that lovely age where they still think Mum and Dad are the bees knees, second only… Continue reading …Grumbly Soul

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What Are Your Hopes and Dreams For Your Kids?

When I was a kid the expectations of what we'd all grow up to be seemed pretty clear.  My parents didn't really talk to me about what I wanted to be when I grew up, they sent me to a private school and we went to church on Sundays.  As far as they were concerned… Continue reading What Are Your Hopes and Dreams For Your Kids?

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Depression: I take time to process…

The older I get the more able I am to take a step back and analyse my reactions to the people around me and the situations I find myself in.  I won't go as far as to say my angry outbursts and moodiness have been conquered but 5 minutes after the meltdown I have the… Continue reading Depression: I take time to process…