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Master 5 Becomes Master 6

It started with Heart-Shaped Pancakes... ...3 different types of cupcakes at school (yummo, recipe to come!)... ...half his presents with promise of more to come on Saturday and getting to stay up late playing PS3 with Daddy before bed. Birthday celebrations continued out and about in the sunshine on Saturday with a birthday picnic in… Continue reading Master 5 Becomes Master 6

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Wholemeal Ginger and Apricot Cookies

I have a confession to make.  Nothing juicy but it is to blame for the silence around here.  My absence hasn't been from a collapse into a banana pancakey coma of deliciousness, I've just been fighting the truth about my new kitchen.  The truth is, I hate the crap out of it and cooking on… Continue reading Wholemeal Ginger and Apricot Cookies

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It’s a Good Mummy Morning : Banana Pancakes

I have a confession.  I like to squeeze in as many seconds of shut eye as possible and this means that my three kids are always, without fail out of bed before me.  They're old enough to get their own cereal (woohoo!) so it's not the worst guilty Mummy moment in the world, but I… Continue reading It’s a Good Mummy Morning : Banana Pancakes

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Winter in London, At Last!

After weeks of balmy 10-15 degree weather (okay balmy might be a slight exaggeration), winter finally arrived in London a little over a week ago.  Gloomy we've had for months but a complete absence of ice, snow or even sleet was making this season draaag We've been lucky during our last two winters in the… Continue reading Winter in London, At Last!