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Punch That Dough! : Hot Cross Buns

Here's the traditional Hot Cross Bun Recipe I made yesterday.  Apologies for my laziness on this one but I'm just going to link you to the instructions for this recipe.  It's a recipe and you can find it here.  The photos are still helpful to see how yours should look throughout the stages but… Continue reading Punch That Dough! : Hot Cross Buns

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Wholemeal Ginger and Apricot Cookies

I have a confession to make.  Nothing juicy but it is to blame for the silence around here.  My absence hasn't been from a collapse into a banana pancakey coma of deliciousness, I've just been fighting the truth about my new kitchen.  The truth is, I hate the crap out of it and cooking on… Continue reading Wholemeal Ginger and Apricot Cookies