The Kidlets

Master 11’s Birthday Sleep-Over

Can I just say that after having 6 rowdy boys under one roof for the past 24 hours, 3 boys is going to seem gloriously quiet at 4pm today when Master 11's mates head home. I won't make this a wordy one, I think the photos speak for themselves. Cake, water-fight's, lots of playstation and… Continue reading Master 11’s Birthday Sleep-Over

Sweet Treats, Yummy Recipes

Whaa? No Birthday Cake? : Capuccino Cheese Cake

Yes, I'm married to one of "those people". ┬áSomeone who doesn't understand my penchant for that heavenly first forkful of delectable cake and the many forkfuls that follow. ┬áHe will on occasion eat a slice or two on the kids birthday's but I know deep down he's not in love with it. Birthday Cake, he… Continue reading Whaa? No Birthday Cake? : Capuccino Cheese Cake