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My Face and Other Stuff

I believe that aging is a beautiful part of the human experience and I want to live in a world where we embrace this visual representation of experiential knowledge...plastered firmly on the front of our heads. I've been mulling over my position on aging naturally for the past 3 months and so I thought, hey, why… Continue reading My Face and Other Stuff

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Hi There,

I've been  mulling over how to begin writing on here in a way that is relatable and welcomes comment and conversation.  For the most part this blog reads like a journal of random thoughts...a little like I'm writing to myself and letting you peer over my shoulder and into the nether reaches of my mind.… Continue reading Hi There,

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Buckwheat Sugar Cookies: 2 Ways {Gluten and Dairy Free}

My weird and wonderful body has decided to throw a hissy fit (and by that I mean have an auto-immune flare up - eczema, joint pain and nausea this time around) over All Purpose Gluten Free flours (guessing it's the emulsifiers and thickeners).  I attempted and then tweaked a Buckwheat Sugar Cookie recipe I found… Continue reading Buckwheat Sugar Cookies: 2 Ways {Gluten and Dairy Free}