My Weight Loss

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April 2011

I’m currently doing the Dukan diet.  I’ve starting a weight loss blog to document my experience.  I’ll be documenting the Attack Phase daily and will probably start weighing myself only weekly once in the Cruise Phase of the diet.   If you are doing the Dukan diet or considering it I’d love to hear from you over on Chaotically Shrinking.

October 25th 2010 Update:

Low-carb (namely Atkins) whilst highly effective at moving the weight left me constantly light-headed, lethargic and constantly feeling like something just wasn’t “right”.  Exercise had become more difficult than ever before (I was more puffed then I had been at my highest weight) and I felt like my general health was suffering.  Ultimately the weight loss wasn’t worth it any more.

Sadly with the passing of Atkins I became discouraged.  I tried to go back to calorie counting but I’ve lost my drive and I slide straight down that slippery slope over and over again to binge eating and guilt.

Dieting has gotten the better of me.  I’m mentally exhausted by the constant struggle to eat right, exercise and avoid triggers.

Current Weight: 78.6kg’s (5kg’s GAINED since June)

As of today I’ve decided to stop floundering around trying and failing at jumping back on the calorie counting bandwagon and simplify my healthy eating plan down to two goals:

  • Drink 2 Litre’s of water EVERY day
  • Go to bed before 2am EVERY night of the week

I’ve given myself a two week deadline.

June 28th 2010 Update:

In April I changed my weight loss plan from calorie counting to low-carb.  I had been doing an atrocious job with calorie counting for months and as mentioned below March was a low point for me ending up almost back in the 80’s.  I was addicted to sugar.  I crave it, its how I feel good on your average day.  I didn’t realise just how addicted I was and how much sugar controlled my mood.

Anywho!  So I identified that a) Sugar – currently can’t function without it,  b) Self control – zero of it and c) Bingeing and serving sizes are a huge battle for me.  Low Carb is qualitative not quantitative therefore the bingeing things not a huge issue and because of that free rein with serving sizes it would motivate me to stick with allowed foods so I can continue to eat when I’m peckish with no repercussions (on the scale).

I have for the most part overcome the sugar-withdrawals and feeling antsy for something sweet.  I was fortunate and was able to keep my morning coffee and still go into ketosis…that would have been a deal breaker for me!  I still give into an occasional naughty thing and this is a big no-no on Atkins.  Maybe at some point I’ll learn my lesson and steer clear of temptation a little better, the sugar withdrawals and light-headedness from going back into ketosis are worth avoiding.

  • At the start of April I weighed:  79.7kg’s
  • Last Friday (25/06/10) weigh in: 73.5kg’s
  • So approximately 6.2kg’s in 3 months, I can’t complain about that!!

I’ll add some before and after photos soon!

March 2010 Update:

Christmas 2009:  We spent a week in Scotland near Troon in a cottage on a cattle farm.  It was an awesome holiday and I made the decision to just enjoy my food and worry about any weight gain on arriving home.  I gained about a kilo whilst away (not too bad considering how much I drank and ate, yummo!)

January 2010:  Much like 12 months earlier I decided to kick my butt into gear and lose some flubber.  I started calorie counting again and had some good weeks and some bad weeks.  Over the course of January and February I lost 1.3kg’s and then managed to gain back 1.1kg’s.

March 2010:  I started this month with some of the worst bingeing I’ve done in 18 months.  I’m so annoyed with myself!  I’m scared because I thought I had it under control in January and then wham it all went so very wrong!

I’ve considered starting to vlog on youtube as watching vlogs was my main motivation throughout 2009 and helped me lose the 8kg’s I lost.  I just hate the sound of my voice and I can’t help feeling awkward, stupid and hideous when I record myself talking.

The Story Thus Far…

In January 2009 I made a decision to stop denying the inevitable and to take charge of the food entering my mouth.  When I first began blogging in 2006 I weighed somewhere in the early 70’s (kg) and I was wearing a size 12-14 (Aus/UK sizing).  I had recently given birth to my third baby (James) and was looking pretty good!

When I had Implanon placed in my arm in early 2007 I began gaining weight rapidly.  I eventually got it out and tried the Mirena IUD.  The weight gain continued and the Mirena also caused horrible scarring acne that I am still struggling to get a hold on 18 months later (I take daily antibiotics and I’m on a contraceptive pill aimed at treating acne)…I am still waiting for the acne to die down enough for me to invest in seeing a dermatologist about getting rid of scarring.

In January my first official weigh in (I believe I had probably lost 1kg before then but I’ll go from there) I weighed 84.5kg’s.

I upped my exercise at the gym toward the end of 2008, however it had very little effect on my weight as I was still over-eating to a ridiculous extent!

Mirena was removed in early 2008 and I still continued to gain weight.  At some point I had to admit that I was gaining weight because of ME not because of the hormones being pumped into my system.  I had just been lucky prior to birth control that I hadn’t gained weight with my poor food choices!

My mother was diagnosed with heart disease in her mid-40’s and had high blood pressure since her late 30’s….she had also been struggling to walk long distances without being puffed and having what she later learnt were mild-angina attacks since her late 30’s/early 40’s.

At 24 my Mum was thin and healthy.  She began gaining the weight during her 30’s.  So what does that mean for me?  My Mum has two (maybe three?) stent’s in her heart and takes a LOT of medication daily.

Do I want that to happen to me?  When exactly will the damage begin for me?  My mum was young by all rights! and her BMI was in the perfect range at my age.

I am in the obese category and I have tried to hide from it but something HAS to be done!  I can’t just wait and see.  I have a husband and three beautiful children and I don’t want to put them through that!

I am actually pretty fit considering I was a size 16  and 5 ‘5 six weeks ago.  Exercise shouldn’t be a problem for me….laziness however…and emotional eating…..those are my hurdles to overcome!

February 24th 2009:

My plan is basically:

Energy in, Energy Out!

I always thought calorie counting was a fad diet.  Not at all!!  It’s science baby!!

I’m keeping a food diary (accountability is HUGELY helpful! I’m a grazer by nature and though I still taste every last ingredient I add to my cooking and then proceed to taste test it to death, but now I factor it in rather the  pretending those 3 tablespoons of spaghetti sauce never happened!

I haven’t been perfect!  But I have lost 4kg’s and I feel soooooo much better!

I’ve also started actually using my gym membership and I’m actually loving exercising!  I never thought I’d see the day I would enjoy exercise! yikes!

6 thoughts on “My Weight Loss”

  1. Thanks laagan! It’s hard work! I haven’t updated this in a little while. I am currently at 77.3kg’s so that’s a total of 7kg’s so far.

    I have unfortunately fallen off the wagon with Easter and just life and haven’t lost anything in over a month!

    I need to get motivated again! aaah!

    Best of Luck with your weight loss….we can do it!


  2. Hi Judith, its definitely a struggle! A disconcerting one at times though I keep plodding on as giving up can only end badly (eek!).

    Thank you for stopping by 🙂


  3. Hi! I stumbled across your blog. I’m blogging about my weight loss journey as well (it seems everyone is doesn’t it!). I look forward to reading about your progress 🙂

    Good luck with your goals!


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