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Death Stares From Your Children…

...happen when you lump them in a large crowd beside the Thames and then break the news to them that we'll be waiting 2 hours.  A tedious 2 hour wait for the chance to see the Queen and the Royal Family heading down the Thames in the flotilla celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! The boats… Continue reading Death Stares From Your Children…

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The Jet Lag Monster

For this notoriously awful Jet Lag Monster this is how Jet Lag plays out: Day One I'm generally pretty okay on Day One.  I don't sleep well on an aircraft (2-4 hours at the most even with sleeping pills) so that first night after landing I've always kept myself awake until a reasonable hour for… Continue reading The Jet Lag Monster

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We’re Back in London and Luggage: the bane of my existence

When you're packing for an international trip for 5 people its a pain in the butt to begin with.  Deciding what to take and what not to take and then managing to fit it not only into the bags but in under the weight limit can be a struggle. At the beginning of an adventure… Continue reading We’re Back in London and Luggage: the bane of my existence