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The Moaning

...and not of the sexy variety.  Moaning about the weather is part of being British and I've embraced it whole heartedly.  Ordinarily my complaints about the weather are different to everyone else's but I think everyone's cool with that.  I'm a gloomy weirdo who's fond of the rain, cool weather (10-15 degrees is my favourite!… Continue reading The Moaning

The Kidlets

Master 11’s Birthday Sleep-Over

Can I just say that after having 6 rowdy boys under one roof for the past 24 hours, 3 boys is going to seem gloriously quiet at 4pm today when Master 11's mates head home. I won't make this a wordy one, I think the photos speak for themselves. Cake, water-fight's, lots of playstation and… Continue reading Master 11’s Birthday Sleep-Over

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Death Stares From Your Children…

...happen when you lump them in a large crowd beside the Thames and then break the news to them that we'll be waiting 2 hours.  A tedious 2 hour wait for the chance to see the Queen and the Royal Family heading down the Thames in the flotilla celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! The boats… Continue reading Death Stares From Your Children…

London, Out and About, The Kidlets

Empty Boxes : You Never Outgrow Them

Most parents have experienced buying their baby or toddler an age appropriate and rigorously researched gift only to have their little one spend the next 3 hours playing with the wrapping paper and/or box.   We finally got a new fridge (oh how I love cold milk and yoghurt!), but our 6, 8 and (recently… Continue reading Empty Boxes : You Never Outgrow Them