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Bathroom Scales, to buy or not to buy?

When we left Europe we didn't bring our bathroom scales with us.  This wasn't due to lack of space (we probably could have squeezed them into one of the boxes we shipped from either Germany or the UK) but more that I made a conscious decision to ditch the scales and stop weighing myself. It's… Continue reading Bathroom Scales, to buy or not to buy?

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I feel constantly unheard. A conversation I had yesterday: I say, 'So I'm not sure what the correct way of bringing this up with [ insert person] is...and I don't even think it's because of my poor communication skills...I think it would probably be a difficult one for any person to bring up with another… Continue reading Unheard

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Boundaries and My Silly Lower Back Pain

  As someone who grew up in an unsafe home with parents who did not respect or acknowledge that I was a separate entity to them...I have some serious boundary issues as an adult. Most relevant is my lack of ability to verbalise what those boundaries are.  I definitely 'feel' boundary violations and actively avoid… Continue reading Boundaries and My Silly Lower Back Pain

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The soundtrack of my state of mind… of right now...   ...I add songs as I go and delete anything I suddenly find myself not feeling any more...   Also, The Lumineers released the final part of their album III to's a masterpiece...feeling all the feels...