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Oops, Ignore Those Old Posts Will You…

Apparently changing the visibility on 13 year old posts sends them out to subscribers like they’re new, sorry for any confusion! They’re a bit cringe really!

I just updated my About Me page and got sucked down a nostalgia-hole of going through old posts. I made private a lot of my old posts before coming back to blogging a few years ago. The world has changed since 2007 and I didn’t want to embarrass my now teenage kids with stories of their tantrums and potty-training.

Whilst flipping through the archives, I decided to make a few posts public again, mostly for context. However, they’re old and pretty irrelevant to the life I’m currently leading…so I’m feeling slightly awkward as I write this…and what better way to deal with said awkwardness than to shine a big light on the situation and draw even more attention to it? Yep, genius!

If you’re reading this, apologies for my being weird…I can’t help it…but also, I hope you’re doing okay wherever you are in this crazy world right now. I’m thinking of you!

Here’s a picture to try and distract from the awkward…see…they’re all slightly taller now days…

2 new posts are in the works….now I feel compelled to wait an appropriate amount of time so you don’t think they’re old posts being sent out to annoyingly fill up your feed/Inbox.

One will be about the compelling topic of ‘very early peri-menopause’ (yeah hi, I’m old and it’s starting to show!) and the other is probably more useful to the general public and is about how we make our fresh Sauerkraut (we always have a batch in the works so we have an ongoing supply of fresh Sauerkraut in the fridge for lunches and breakfasts).

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