April 2020: Setting a Scene

A Scene in April 2020:

In a government approved ‘essential service’ store, a couple spots a woman with a pack of toilet rolls wandering towards the exit.  The man jogs over to her and stops and stands an appropriate distance from the woman before asking, ‘excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you but where did you find the toilet paper?‘.  The woman explains they’re selling it at the Lay-Buy counter at the back of the store, but you have to go up to the counter and ask for it.

The couple head towards the back of the store and find a growing queue of people there standing carefully on their allotted sticky spots placed a minimum of 1.5 metres apart.  The couple join the queue for their ration of bog roll.



Woman at the Lay-Buy counter: [dour expression, peering over the top of her glasses at the couple], (voice booming) ‘Wait…are you two toogethhh-err?

The Man: [caught off guard, looks up with a ‘huh’ look on his face]

The Woman: [knowing what this woman is about, provocatively looks the man up and down, her eyes sparkling as they land on his face], ‘nope, I just really liked the look of him‘,

[she rocks her hips a little and bumps the man gently, her left hip to his right, she reaches up, grabs his face between her hands and lands a big kiss smack bang on his lips]

The Man: [kisses her back, grinning, and as she pulls away he turns and shrugs at the woman peering over her glasses at them]


End Scene.


Hey guys, do you remember back in the day, when:

  • Your relationship status was private?
  • Strangers didn’t feel they had the right to personal information in order for you to purchase something from a shop?
  • You could stand next to someone you SHARE A BED WITH without feeling you need to justify your right to do so?
  • You didn’t get excited when you saw a stranger holding some toilet paper and seek from them insider goss on where to procure the bog roll?

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