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I believe that aging is a beautiful part of the human experience and I want to live in a world where we embrace this visual representation of experiential knowledge…plastered firmly on the front of our heads.

I’ve been mulling over my position on aging naturally for the past 3 months and so I thought, hey, why not stick my: bare, almost 36 year-old, slightly sun-damaged, hormonal-acne’ed, haven’t been sleeping-lately’ed face on the internet?

Apparently believing and holding high ideals in my own mind doesn’t actually amount to much if I don’t say it out loud (or write it out loud).  With that in mind, I thought I’d bare my skin and maybe other women at a similar point in their journey towards wise-womanhood (day-by-day stepping bit-by-bit closer to 35, 45, 55, 65 and beyond) feel a little more comfortable with the faces they are wearing on their heads.

I have jowls, I have wrinkles, I have blemishes at varying levels of healing, I have some sun damage creeping in, I have what might be a little rosacea on the sides of my nose and all those things are totally okay…it’s just a face after all.

So to make me feel less awkward just writing a post and sticking photos of my face up.  Here’s a run down of my current skincare routine for you to have a perv at.

Please note: I appreciate that there’s a lot more pressure on men now days to use skin care and take better care of their skin.  If you’re a man reading this, and aging skin is something you feel pressured to avoid too, then I didn’t mean to exclude you, share your experiences, I’d love to hear them!

Side Bar

This is how preparation for this post went:

…Jen went into her bathroom…

…she pulled all the useful skin related crap out of the bottom drawer…

…whipped round and grabbed her cleansers/exfoliation stuff from the shower shelf…

…turned back around to the bathroom counter-top to lay everything out and realised it is hidden beneath her ‘re-wear’ pile of clothing…

…with the rewear pile now dumped on the edge of the bathtub she grabbed a wet cloth to wipe down the dusty counter…

…she stopped and stared at the beads of water left behind by the cloth, waiting for them to disappear…

…alas it is summer in the sub-tropics and the humidity is 95 percent today…

…finally she decided to wipe up the beads of water with a semi-dirty t-shirt…

…finally she dumped all the stuff onto the counter and umm’ed and ahh’ed over how to group it…

…decided to just wing it…

…took some photos…

…over-thought it and re-grouped them…

…re-took the photos….

…took a bunch of pics of her age-wizened face…

…put the pics on the computer and viewed them…

…realised that the camera had done that thing where it smooths out her skin tone and makes her face look nicer than it really is…

my face 2

…freaked out and realised she was at risk of being that b**ch that takes flattering pics and then acts like she is baring all and showing you real life but is actually showing a glamour-ised version of real life…aaaah…

…retook pics…

…tried to make them really bad…

…went too far and showed so much detail, she looked like she had a very thick mustache, caterpillars for eyebrows and that the possible rosacea nose thang was akin to walking around with ripe cherries on either side of her nose…

too close

{ My apologies…I realise you can never un-see what you’ve just seen – I showed you anyway – because illustration really brings wordy descriptions to life – oh and that’s a chicken pox scar in case you were wondering – my kids gave them to me when I was 22 – I blogged about it at the time }

…she then dialed it back a little and found a mostly realistic visual representation of what people see when they look at her face in real life…

…also yes, she changed her shirt…and yes, this is the aforementioned semi-dirty t-shirt in case you were wondering…

small my face 3

right side face

left side face

…enough of my face…


Here’s My Skin Care Stuff

everything I use on my face

My Skin Type:

  • My skin is pretty sensitive (just like all of me really) and so I need to steer clear of fragrance and other irritating ingredients
  • I have eczema as a regular ‘feature’ on my eyelids
  • The area across my cheeks (and over the bridge of my nose) is very sensitive, it’s my canary in the mine shaft for any allergies (seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, fragrances in the air, wool fibers in the air, skincare items that don’t agree with me)  – fortunately my current skincare regime has cleared up the flakey skin that used to live there
  • I have this possible rosacea thang on the sides of my nose (it’s new since moving back home to Australia, so might be sun exposure related?)
  • I have been experiencing acne around my nose in the past 6 months (rosacea acne?), if I so much as let a drop of my facial oil get on my nose or into the folds around my nose then I get very painful eruptions…youch!
  • I get hormonal acne on my chin and the occasional spot from goodness knows what elsewhere
  • I have the beautiful beginnings of crows feet around my eyes, wrinkles galore on my forehead and I am very happy to report that if my wrinkles were the navigational map to my soul, this ship is bound for smile-line-island


I’m not fussy on cleansers, just so long as it’s not drying and doesn’t make me react.  Mostly I’ve been enjoying this microfiber face cloth.


I’ve done oil cleansing in the past but using a hot face cloth during a Queensland summer sounds truly awful.  I double cleanse at night (with the cleanser and then with the microfiber face cloth and water) and just use the microfiber face cloth with water in the mornings.

post cleansing stuff

Serums and Stuff

I use the jade roller after cleansing and before using serums (recommended order to use it by Dermatologist Dr Dray on Youtube).  No idea if this is doing anything, but it feels nice and it’s good for moving stuff along in my sinuses so that’s a nice feeling.

I chuck on a hearty glob of The Ordinary Niacinamide 30% + Zinc 3% onto my face, neck and chest.

I blob Snail slime on my face, neck and chest (mmm…snails…).

I then dab a few drops of Rosehip Oil on my face, neck and chest (avoiding around the nose because of whatever the crap is happening with my nose at the moment).

serums and oil

Moisturiser and Eye Cream

In the morning I finish this all off with this Sukin Day Cream and Sukin Eye Cream.  In the evening I use this Hibiscus Night Cream from Swisse and the Sukin Eye Cream again.

…and if I’m hiding out at home for the day then that’s me done!

final step


If I’m going to brave the outside world, I add two more things to my routine.

This Natural Instinct Tinted Face Zinc I slather generously on my face, ears, neck (front and back) and down onto my chest.  I rub a little of this Woohoo Body natural deodorant under my arms (if you’re in the UK I loved The Natural Deodorant Company, here in Australia I love Woohoo Body).

last step before I go out

Special Mentions

I use this Sukin Detoxifying Facial Masque once a week.

extras mask


I exfoliate once or twice per week (with 3 or 4 days gap in between).  Often I just exfoliate once per week, because…well…I forget…and I think forgetful living is a valid life choice.  I never use these two on the same day, I use one or the other, never together!


The one on the left is a physical exfoliator (I know a lot of skincare experts cringe at physical exfoliation…but dude, it feels gooooooood) and the chemical exfoliation is actually just an AHA cleanser…but as I mentioned I have stupid sensitive skin so this 2% AHA is very drying for me.  I tried using it as a cleanser, but two days in a row of AHAs leaves my skin flaking and red.  When I use this cleanser to exfoliate once a week I lather it on my face in the shower and then leave it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Sometimes Extras:


Weleda Skin Food is great when I have that really sensitive dry skin thing going on across my cheeks.

If I’m going to be forced to be outside during the hottest part of the day here then I up the zinc on my face to this SPF 50.  It’s not my first choice since my husband has in passing told me, ‘you’ve been looking really pale and sickly lately Jen’ after seeing me on a day with the SPF 50 zinc, mwahaha.

The other sunscreen is for my arms (I use the SPF 50 zinc on my hands).  I rarely used an SPF when I lived in Europe except for the summertime and preferred to just avoid the hottest parts of a summer’s day, wore a hat and covered up.  Here in Queensland though the UV rating is insane (today was a rainy day, the UV Rating was 14….in England the highest I ever witnessed was UV 7…and that’s where my recent ancestors hail from…so ya know, my skin is ill adapted to the sun here).

…and that’s everything at the moment.

I shake up what facial oil I’m using depending on the season and how I’m feeling (I was using a Squalane and Marula Oil mix during winter and I used to love Argan Oil in my 20s).  I don’t have strong feelings for or against the cream cleanser or those specific exfoliators, meh…

Thanks for hanging out till the end of this post, apologies again for that horrifying close-up…

Question: I’d love to know what skin care product (or products) you couldn’t live without at the moment?

I’m really loving The Ordinary Niacinamide and Zinc serum at the moment and my Tinted Zinc is pretty awesome too!  I’d be very sad if I couldn’t have either one of those in my messy bathroom drawer.

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