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Hi There,

I’ve been  mulling over how to begin writing on here in a way that is relatable and welcomes comment and conversation.  For the most part this blog reads like a journal of random thoughts…a little like I’m writing to myself and letting you peer over my shoulder and into the nether reaches of my mind.

In life, I’m a difficult person to have a conversation with in the spoken word and it seems that extends to the written word as well.  In person when I talk about things I’m passionate about, there’s rarely a back and forth.  It’s much more like me vomiting my thoughts, feelings and ideas about a topic;



…and then I disappear back into myself as swiftly as I jumped out of myself and into the ear of the poor observer at the beginning of our exchange…

I’ve been learning about essay writing, and how to look within and without so that the reader feels engaged, drawn in, but also included in the conversation.  One of these days I’ll find the time to start applying what I’ve learned and start writing some essays.

No promises, as always, I’m notoriously poor at follow through…

Oh and hey there, thanks for stopping by 🙂  you matter to me, I’m just rubbish at making the person I’m engaging feel like I’m talking to them and not just myself…

…hi 🙂


chain of swannage


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