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Amsterdam for the Weekend…


15 years of marriage?  yikes, how did that creep up so quickly?

15 year wedding anniversary plane pic

Almost 10 years ago Mitch and I were 24 years young and jumped at an opportunity for my Mother-In-Law to watch the kids for a few days whilst we snuck away together.  We escaped to a cheap caravan in Toowoomba (Queensland, Australia) during their Carnival of Flowers Festival.  At that point we had been married for 5 years.  Those years had been overwhelmed with young children, financial struggles as Mitch built his career (Software Development) and we muddled through learning life skills we hadn’t grasped before jumping into adulthood as teen parents.  Our financial situation had just gotten to a stable place where we could consider spending a little on a holiday together, and boy did we need it!

It was mere weeks after that holiday to Toowoomba that we decided to move our family of 5 from Australia to the U.K.  It took 8 months for us to get our passports, visas and nightmare of a house in order but it really was a pivotal moment in our lives.

Fast forward to now and we’re older, a little wiser and definitely changed and enriched by the past decade of our lives, but at the same time I see a lot of similarities between the ‘us’ of then and the ‘us’ of now.  2017 was a another year of huge upheaval with another International move (London to Frankfurt, Germany) and followed 2 years of renovating a home for the first time in our lives (whilst living in it).  2017 was rough on us and life has worn us down. We’re burned out!

Once the house sold in January 2018 some of the pressure began to ease off, it’s been a huge relief!  In the coming months however we’re going to begin preparing for our next big move back home to Australia.  I feel like we’ve just come up for air in the past few months and very soon the pressure and the struggle will begin again.  Right at this very moment we have a small window of our lives where we’re living in the middle of Europe and in a season of our life where our kids are old enough and responsible enough to be left alone for 2 nights (they’re 17, 14 and 12).  We’ll never again be 34 and able to jump on a plane together for a mere hour or two and explore just about anywhere in Europe.

Being the impulsive people that we are, Mitch threw the idea out there of a holiday on the Thursday night, we researched and booked flights and accommodation on the Friday and we were on a plane headed for Amsterdam on the Saturday.  We have called this our Anniversary weekend away since it fell in the middle of June, but truth be told we’d have done it regardless of the date on the calendar.

Here are the two videos I made of our Weekend away if you’d like a glimpse of it:



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