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My move towards being more minimalist… { Starting with my Wardrobe }

So by virtue of being in between homes right now we are living a very minimal lifestyle.  Messy and chaotic yes, but there’s a lot less ‘stuff’ than what we had previously been used to living with.  With every house move we’ve made in the past decade we’ve gotten ever so slightly better at de-cluttering and more importantly accumulating less.  Something I used to struggle with a lot was piles and piles of clothes!  For my own wardrobe, frequent weight changes lead to me hoarding so many clothes, ‘just in case’ I ever got to a shape and size that it would look half decent on me.  It so rarely happened, mostly I just created mountains of clothes looming over me mocking me and making me feel hopelessly fat and like the ‘goal’ of wearing those close was always a little out of reach.

Fortunately over the years I managed to conquer the clothes hoarding.  My kitchen/food situation is still a work in progress.  Books?  In my world books don’t count as clutter, hoarding or a problem of any description.  They can take my books from me when I’m dead and buried!

It is however a relief to have finally gotten a handle on the clothing situation.  I over many years formed good habits of culling my clothes regularly and getting rid of anything I’m not wearing or hasn’t fit right in a long time.  This past year was the first year where I kind of did the whole capsule wardrobe thing and mostly that has just been me cycling my winter/summer clothes seasonally due to lack of space (we don’t have any wardrobes or dressers, we just use a small basket on the floor).  On my last trip back to the UK I went to lots of charity shops (thrift stores) and intentionally found things to fill in the ‘gaps’.  This was so ridiculously ‘organised’ for me and I’m kind of in shock myself!

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting to film videos to compliment my blog here and a capsule wardrobe video seemed like a topic that was easy enough for a newbie to have a go at.

Here are my Capsule Wardrobe Videos. Part 1 and Part 2.



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