Random Ramblings

Re-Introducing Myself


Hi I’m Jenny!

Welcome to my blog where I come to share many of the things that I love:  yummy recipes, adventures out and about (we love long walks in random directions!), our travels in Europe, my self-exploration and analysis of what I’ve learned (and still need to learn in this long and winding process called life), discussing random thoughts I have on the world and on occasion I share the latest ‘obsession’ I’m currently calling a hobby (searching for and reading obscure old books, soap making, herbalism, personality types…and the list goes on!).

I feel like I lost my blogging mojo many, many moons ago but it was such an enriching part of my life that I’m determined to flex my writing muscle again and hopefully get back into the swing of blogging.

I began blogging in 2006 from Brisbane, Australia: with 3 small boys 5 and under, a sleep debt so deep I was a danger behind the wheel of our car and a mind riddled with angst and guilt making every day life a struggle.

In 2009 we moved from a sleepy Aussie city to London (with a brief 12 month stint in rural England first).  Adjusting to a new country came with it’s struggles for sure but once I recovered from the shock and awe of being in the U.K I dedicated a lot more time to my food blogging.  We loved our first few years in the U.K exploring and experiencing events and activities around London with our young family.   I loved sharing all that here on the blog and I’m so grateful to have that record to look back on now.

In the safety and security of a life that was now my own in a foreign country a lot of odd memories from my childhood starting plaguing my mind.  I was also ready to begin tackling an eating disorder I had been struggling with since I was 11.  Unfortunately with all the things I was working through, I needed to withdraw from all social media as I knew it was a strong trigger for a lot of my unhealthy habits.  Sadly this also included giving up blogging.  For a while there I was blogging memories I was dealing with over on my more ‘diary like’ blog, Chaotically Rambling.  It was too public and wasn’t serving me in a positive way any more.

I stopped blogging in 2012.  I turned my back on the blogging world (even as a casual commenter or reader on other’s blogs) until 2016 when I attempted to get back into writing and snuck back into blogging for a few random posts.  It didn’t stick that time, but that’s okay.  Sometimes we have to dip a toe in to test the waters and then ‘choose’ to take a step back for a little until it feels ‘right’ to us to dive in.

After almost a decade in the U.K where I honestly believed I would live for the rest of my life, we put our London home on the market and moved to Frankfurt, Germany.  Our 3 boys are now (almost)  teenagers and Germany is just a small stop over for us until we return back to our homeland, Australia.

Thank you for stopping by, I’d love to hear from you!  Any topics you’d like to hear me chat about (on video or in print) do ask away.  I have a tendency towards being far too stuck in my own head, it’s always nice to have outside input to pull me out of myself if only for a little while.


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