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We Did It!

I’m not going to lie, I was gutted when we got home last night and I discovered I had missed number 11 on the Yellow Trail (Contemplative Wenlock).  The PhotoRoute instructions were not great in my opinion without a smart phone or a kick-ass colour printer and limitless funds to print every damn instructions attached picture in vivid colour.  The written instructions missed a lot of little things and didn’t point out when you were meant to be passing a mascot (or which side).  For example, Lambeth Palace Mandeville isn’t mentioned at all and it was only my kids keen eye sight that spotted him over the road and away from the trail described.  Anyway!  They did provide a great service and despite the directions not always being spot on it did make the search that little bit more tricky with a great sense of accomplishment at the end of it when we conquered them all.

Today we went back to capture Contemplative Wenlock and Sir Wenlock.  I missed Sir Wenlock on the Blue Trail when access to Guildhall Courtyard was tricky.  It was a bit of a scorcher in London today and the Paralympic Marathon restricted access to the Yellow, Blue and Red Trails this morning so we waited until late afternoon to head out.

It was awesome to see a few other people out and about trying to finish off their trails.  It was the last day before the Mascot’s are taken down so we were all trying to squeeze just a few more in.  The Discovery Trails were so much fun even though they were hugely draining and had me tearing my hair out in search of some of them. I feel great having found them all.  It wasn’t always easy and my feet are cursing me for not wearing more supportive shoes but it’s hugely rewarding to have completed all 6 trails.

How did everyone else do?  Did you manage to complete any of the trails?  Anyone nuts like me and dragged their complaining kiddo’s out to catch the ones they’d missed on the final day?

I think the Discovery Trails have made me much more familiar with the in’s and out’s of London.  I use public transport quite a bit anyway but this really pushed me to explore areas I haven’t seen much of before and then navigate my way home from.  The Purple Trail was almost completely new territory for me.  I was blown away by how posh and ostentatious the area was (a Jaguar dealer, Porsche dealer and Aston Martin dealer all within reach) and we were there just as people were knocking off work so it was a fascinating bit of people watching.

The Yellow Trail was fascinating on a Saturday in the late afternoon right through to the evening (I think we finished up at 8:30).  Most of the trail was deserted with office buildings standing empty as we continued on we suddenly hit Shoreditch and the streets came to life with people trying to usher us into their restaurant for a curry and pub’s spilling out onto the streets with eager pub-goers.  Sari Wenlock had even had a sneaky boob job by the time we stumbled across her.  Fascinating.

Here’s my final trail’s photos (the Yellow Trail) and me and the dashing Sir Wenlock from the Blue Trail.

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