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I’m still kicking…

…not so much cooking.  Sorry about the silence around here of late, to be honest nothing interesting has been going down in my kitchen (of the naughty or the tasty variety).  I had planned to post some recipe’s I’d baked/made with the kids during the summer holidays but ended up giving it a miss when neither recipe I photographed turned out all that brilliantly.

Here are some pics of my kidlets cooking so this post isn’t a complete waste (oops).  The sugar cookies were very yummy and easy but not the best cookie recipe we’ve whipped up (did I also mention that I’ve misplaced the recipe anyway?).  The milk jelly ended up being way too much effort converting a recipe made with Hartleys jelly cubes into a non-UK friendly recipe.  It was doing my head in and I think the only way to have been accurate would have been to track down jelly crystals to remake it with.  I’ve been busy hanging with the kids so it seemed like way too much extra effort for something that was meant to be an easy recipe for kids to make themselves and not really a show stopper anyway!

If you’re interested in what we’ve been getting up to over the last few weeks then head over to my personal blog to see our walks around London searching for Wenlock and Mandeville statues.  You can find them here and here.

How has everyone else been spending their summer?  Sandy beaches, adventures out camping or just lots of yummy ice cream to keep you cool?

Strawberry Milk Jelly

Master 8 measuring out custard powder for his sugar cookies

3 thoughts on “I’m still kicking…”

  1. Do your kids cook with you alot? I cooked occasionally with mine when they were young but would lose patience because the mess they would make or not do something properly and start acting silly.
    That milk jelly I believe is our pudding. Your pudding is more savory. But whatever each country calls it, it looks fantastic!! Like, “eat the whole bowl” fantastic!
    Going to check out your post on the statues!
    Missed your posts! Glad you made it back!


    1. I’m so glad it’s not just me Irene. The picture painted of the perfect mother is always of her wearing a pretty apron with a patient smile on her face whilst her cute little one is sifting flour into a bowl with the perfunctory tiny splash of flour on the bench and in their adorable head of hair. So not what it’s like here. I HATE anyone being in my kitchen who isn’t a Mum/Domestic Goddess (or a really tidy/clean Man). My kids would love to cook with me at least once a week but I can’t stand the mess and having other bodies in my kitchen ruining my flow!

      Also I don’t know if it’s just mine but I find kids are never happy just doing the task they’re assigned (i.e sifting the flour). They wanna grab the eggs and do all the mixing and get annoyed with me if I take over on a task. I just don’t have the patience for it. Now that they’re getting older they can complete the whole recipe on their own so it’s less frustrating but still messy!

      I think if I had EVER had a nice roomy kitchen say with a breakfast bar and stools it would be fine but as it is I’ve only ever had crowded kitchens and any bit of mess looks huge!

      Master 11 has been bugging me about learning to cook/bake for months so I finally kicked my butt into gear and did it. It wasn’t a disaster but it did take a LOT of time and energy. Master 11 made an easy fruit cake on his own (I didn’t take photos of that one) from start to finish so he was pretty happy.

      It’s one of those things where I wish I was a more patient and attentive mother but I’m not. I’m getting better over time but it’s an effort, not one of those naturally enjoyable things to do with my kids. Maybe if we’d had girls it would have been different? Less messy and more focused on the task at hand?


  2. I’ve heard that girls are easier to work with in the kitchen. I’m like you, I get into a rhythm. And no, most of us don’t have the quintessential kitchen. There’s a commercial on tv for LG Infrared Oven of this mom and her three kids making cupcakes on the kitchen island (like we all have one of those?) and the one kid takes the electric beater out of the batter while still running and batter is being slung all over the place and everyone is laughing. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I’d hate to be the person that had to clean THAT mess up! Oh wait, you mean I should hire Merry Maids? Silly me….what was I thinking? Not going to happen.
    It does get better though as they get older. My son is 25 and we cook dinner together sometimes because he knows the routine now. Occasionally, we step on eachother and I get frustrated. But it’s better now that he knows what is what.


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