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Eek My Feet Hurt…

…and so continues my trekking around London in search of Wenlock and Mandeville.  The six trails combined are 22.1km’s of walking about and with lots of wrong turns and back tracking it’s a smidgen more.  We weren’t brave enough to attempt all the Trails in one day but two trails was enough to have my feet screaming at me by the time I’d flopped onto the couch for a breather.  It’s definitely been worth the effort though and I even met someone who had stumbled upon my previous post about the Discovery Trails.  I’m not going to lie it made me smile for a long time and I even texted my hubby about you lovely reader.  It made my day!  Thanks for stopping by my blog and for saying hi, I hope you managed to complete your trail without getting lost (I wasn’t so lucky and got lost many a time after leaving you at Builder Wenlock!).

On Friday we tackled the Purple Trail and began the Pink trail.  Once 8:30 rolled around I was dying for a cuppa and our camera was struggling to get a decent photo in the dark so we called it a day.  Today we headed back out and well and truly wore ourselves out with 4 mascots from the Pink trail left to find and the entire Yellow Trail to explore.

The bad news is that not only did I not make it to Sir Wenlock (I missed him on the Blue Trail) but somehow I completely missed Contemplative Wenlock today on the Yellow Trail (I’m kicking myself).  I know I’m a crazy lady but it’s going to haunt me if I don’t at least try and catch them tomorrow before they’re taken down.  The Paralympic Marathon might make getting to them a little difficult so fingers crossed I can get through.

For now, here’s the complete (and often blurry) Pink and Purple Trail’s.  I’ll be back with the Yellow Trail tomorrow (with or without the missing one).


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