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This is what happens…

…when a naughty food blogger decides to go to the free wine tasting BEFORE taking photos of all the yummy gourmet food samples at the Foodies Festival!  Double oops!

It’s entirely possible that sticking around after the wine tasting to listen to the Hendrick’s Gin guy taking us through the history of Gin and then consuming a number of free cocktails (they were delish! I’m definitely going to try Gin next time we’re making cocktails at home) contributed to my memory card being chocka block with blurry photos of feet and trees.

Anywho!  The Foodies Festival at Battersea Park was a pretty awesome day out with loads of food to try (and buy) and free cooking and drinks demonstrations throughout the day.  I’m not going to lie, there aren’t a lot of photos of the actual food here but this fascinating display of me having a jolly good time eating and drinking whilst my children laugh both with me and at me is almost as good, right?

Our adventure began with a sunny walk along the Thames Path headed towards Battersea Park.

We tried a LOT of food today.  Almost all of it was yummy.  These infused Olive Oil’s were no exception and they had gorgeous humus dips spread out to Master 11’s right.  Naturally there are no photos of it.  We did buy a jar of their Harissa to pour over humus at home, it was that good…nom nom nom…

The stand out food of the day was hands down the Cornish Oysters.  I love Oysters so it wasn’t a huge leap for me but Mitch has never been a huge fan (he’ll eat them if he’s at a Seafood Buffet but would never order them) and he was blown away by these oysters too.  There weren’t any free samples (for obvious reasons) but we were more than happy to part with £1.50 a pop for these babies.

First of all the oysters were so big and juicy you could munch on them all day.  They were easily double the size of any other Oyster I’ve eaten and so tender and juicy too.  No gulping these babies back in one fell swoop, these needed a few glorious chews before swallowing.

The oyster’s were beautifully fresh and shucked to order right in front of you.  They also had their own fresh dressings that were delightful without over powering the taste of the oysters.  I tried the Bloody Mary dressing first (yum) the Thai dressing second (great but not my favourite) and finally the classic squeeze of lemon juice and Tabasco.  As yummy as the dressings were the lemon juice and Tabasco is the sure fire winner for me.  The kidlets loved the Thai dressing the best but honestly you can’t really go wrong when the oysters alone taste that good!  These babies should totally come with a warning label, they’re that addictive!  The kind of moorish flavour that stays with you for hours on end until you just can’t resist going back for another one (or 2…or 3).

Even the kids were crazy about them.  Our kids are pretty adventurous with food so I was confident they’d at least give them a proper try but I was pleasantly surprised to see them wanting to go back for more and more oysters!

…nom nom nom…

Then came the Wine Tasting.  The kids watched a cooking demonstration and sampled cheeses for most of our wine guzzling but came in just around about the time I realised that our little tasters were hitting me harder then every one else (oops).

Then came the History of Gin and a few scrummy cocktails.  Fortunately the History bit went on for an awfully long time so I did manage to sober up a little, not much mind you…but a little.
After the cocktails and the whole having to stand back up and endeavor to walk in a somewhat straight line, a bit of hardy food seemed like a good idea

Gourmet sausages in a bun sounded like it might just soak up some of that Gin nicely…

Stone cold sober…obviously…

At this point the Festival was closing up so we started to make our way out grabbing a tasty Samosa as we went.

2 thoughts on “This is what happens…”

  1. LMAO! You had a great time, didn’t you!!! And the kids had a ball! AND IT WASN’T RAINING!! We don’t have festivals like that because alcohol is a no no in public here and 9 times out of 10 you have to drive to these things and then drive home. Musikfest is the only place I can think of that has beer booths and a SoCo (Southern Comfort) booth. Last time I went my friend and I had to driven home by her daughter. Kinda sucks.
    It’s nice that your boys aren’t afraid to try new foods! Those oysters sounded delicious! I’m always apprehensive about eating those because I don’t know what waters they came out of. I could eat seafood all day!


    1. I did indeed 😉 The clear skies were beautiful and I might even be a shade tanner than stark white today! It is one of the awesome things about London, the whole drinking in the park and at other outdoor events thing. It wouldn’t be allowed back home in Australia either. Oh I can imagine being restricted by having to drive or be driven home would put a huge dampener on things too! Thank goodness for the reliable public transport here because neither of us would have been able to drive home.

      We are very lucky to have kids that are willing to give new flavours a try, it must be really hard for parents with overly fussy eaters. Trying new flavours is half the fun of travelling for me so I love to share that with my kidlets.

      Oysters and other raw seafood always makes me nervous too, not knowing the waters its come from and whether or not it’s been kept in safe conditions before I’m served it. I love good seafood too 🙂 I’m not a huge fan of all fish but prawns, oysters, salmon, tuna and sardines I luuurve!


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