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Watching Greco Roman Wrestling: It Requires a Level of Maturity I Don’t Posess

Greco-Roman Wrestling was my favourite event we saw at the London Excel Centre during the London 2012 Olympics.  We saw Fencing a few days earlier which was a great experience especially with it being a sport Master 11 and Master 8 both do and have an interest in.  Watching Fencing was great but I’m not a classy kinda gal so the Wrestling won me over.  Give me sweaty, muscle-bound men wrestling each other to determine who’s the buffest over delicate, lean (and very talented) fencers any day!

Before watching this at the Olympics I had never seen Greco-Roman Wrestling live or on t.v so it was a whole new experience for me.  We worked the rules out as we went along and by the end of the afternoon I think we had most of the rules down.

Each match was quick and action packed and with all three weight ranges competing at the same time there was something for every one to see no matter how nose-bleed worthy your seats were (hello me!  we got cheap kids tickets to this event, paying a pound for every year old they were (£11, £8 and £6) so we were the third row from the back).

Greco Roman Wrestling Olympics London 2012

Greco Roman Wrestling Olympics London 2012

greco roman wrestling Olympics London 2012

I’m not going to lie, it wouldn’t have been half as interesting if there weren’t muscley men all over the place.  Loads of ’em and in many shapes and sizes!  The teensy 60kg range wrestlers aren’t really my style but they do have a habit of launching each other right out of the circle which is always fun to watch.  The 120kg+ guys are a little harder to “pick up” even if you yourself weigh 120kg’s+ and you’re packing a ridiculous amount of muscle.  We were closest to the 120kg competitors (yay!) but had a good view of the 84kg guys in the centre circle too.

The heavier guys are more my thang but I wouldn’t say no to a wrestle with one of these guys 😉

greco roman wrestling Olympics London 2012

The Egyptian guy above won the Silver Medal in the 84kg range and here he is beating this French guy.  The French guy threw a bit of a tanty when he lost much to the disgust of the crowd (lots of boo’s) and he even refused to shake hands at the end.  He stood out as a bad sport with all the other competitors being very gracious when they lost, hugs and hand shakes all round.

We weren’t there for the Finals only up to the Semi-Finals but watched to the end at home.

Here’s the semi-final in the 120kg range between Turkey and Cubagreco roman wrestling Olympics London 2012

There were many moments when I realised my kids are far more mature than I am.  I’d  have a bit of a giggle and nudge Mitch every time this happened…

greco roman wrestling Olympics London 2012

…yes, it’s a very serious sport.  These athletes have dedicated their lives to building muscle and training hard…but apparently I’m a 10-year-old-boy…

…giggling at the big chunk of man meat calmly presenting himself to the other dude…

During the course of the day the guy on top would usually pancake the guy below before trying to lift him up and flip him.  In this semi-final the guy from Turkey knew he had a huge challenge ahead of him trying to pick up this 6ft 3, 130kg Cuban guy so he gave it all he had…

Greco Roman Wrestling Olympics London 2012

Greco Roman Wrestling Olympics London 2012

The idea of this part of the match is for the guy on top to pick up the guy below and flip him over onto his back.  The guy on the bottom wants to hold his ground until the clock hits 2 minutes…

Greco Roman Wrestling Olympics London 2012

Greco Roman Wrestling 120kg Olympics London 2012

Greco Roman Wrestling Olympics London 2012

…time’s up!

Cuba wins the Semi-Final and he goes on to win a Gold medal later that evening!  Turkey won Bronze so nothing to scoff at!

…and a Hug at the end 🙂

2 thoughts on “Watching Greco Roman Wrestling: It Requires a Level of Maturity I Don’t Posess”

  1. Sounds like you had a pretty fun time overall Jen!! Good on you for going out there and watching them.

    You aren’t the only 10yr old boy when it comes to watching Greco-Roman wrestling. I too giggle incessantly at the hilariousness of presenting their rear-end to their opponent. LOL.

    Thanks for the pictures too. Also, I have to say you are looking mighty fine in the picture of yourself. You are positively glowing and look really healthy – and that is great.


    1. Ah yes, the magic of Facebook photo style angles 😉 Always more flattering than reality!

      I’m glad it’s not just me giggling at the sticking their bottom up at their opponent thing. I felt bad whilst there because it’s obviously a huge sport in Europe and lots of people around us were really into it and proud of their countryman. Ah well! I think I hid my giggles well enough. It was my first time and it was really unexpected! A random 6 year old behind us did tell his Dad, “eww he just put his head near that man’s bottom, STINKY!” so I wasn’t completely alone 😉

      It was really fun 🙂 Even though we didn’t go to any events that Great Britain or Australia were competing in it was really exciting all the same. We saw Freestyle Wrestling yesterday morning which was a different feel again (no bottom’s in the air) and it made for a nice ending to our London 2012 experience.


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