strawberry and whisky cheesecake
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A Match Made in My Happy Place : Strawberry and Whiskey Cheesecake

Dude, it has dairy, fruit and booze…that’s like a nutrition overload.

…okay so maybe it’s just ridiculously tasty and there’s no justifying going back for seconds, thirds and morning left-overs (hypothetically speaking of course) but this Strawberry and Whiskey Cheesecake is totally worth the morning after guilt.

For those following along at home I made this cheesecake for Mitch’s birthday earlier this month but wasn’t ready to hang my recipe out there for the world to see without making it again myself (with a few tweaks to boot).  My first attempt turned out tasting pretty great (enough that I was determined to improve on it) but I wasn’t happy with how subtle the whiskey flavour was or that this was probably the sloppiest cheesecake I’ve ever eaten (oops).

I’m pleased to report that this time around I nailed it (oh yeah baby!).

We discovered the evening before I needed the cheesecake that our boiler was getting replaced the next morning so a slight misunderstanding on our part meant I thought we weren’t going to have running water all day Saturday.  As it turns out every tap and toilet was out of commission except for the kitchen tap (it runs off mains water unlike the rest of the flat) so I could have gotten down and dirty in the kitchen during the day but instead in a flurry before bed I whipped up the cheesecake the night before.

My camera is a little light challenged (i.e he goes nuts for a natural light but the moment the sun goes down throws a hissy fit) so I’ve had to use some photos from my first attempt;  they might differ ever so slightly from my instructions.  The photos of the final result are a little blurry too (it might have been the lighting, or it might have been the 3 glasses of wine…it’s a mystery).   Despite being blurry I think you can tell that the first photo (the first cheesecake I made) isn’t as well set as the shot below it (the second cheesecake I made).  My chocolate dripping skills may also have been inhibited by the silly kitchen insisting on swirling around me or possibly it was the red wine (who’s to say?).

Strawberry and Whisky Cheesecake

strawberry and whisky cheesecake

Grease a non-stick spring-form tin or a loose bottomed cake tin

Crush the biscuits in your food processor or throw them in a zip lock bag and smack ’em with a rolling-pin

Melt the butter and in a medium-sized bowl combine the biscuit crumbs, butter and 1 tablespoon of whiskey

Spread evenly in the bottom of your tin and smooth with the back of a spoon

Refrigerate for 30 minutes

Reserve a few strawberries for decorating if you like.  Hull the remaining strawberries and chop into quarters (halved and then halved again)

In a large bowl beat the cream cheese and sugar for 1-2 minutes with an electric mixer

In a separate bowl beat the cream and 2 Tablespoons of Whiskey until you have soft peaks that hold their shape

Fold the cream into the cream cheese and stir until combined

Pour in the strawberries and stir through gently (you don’t want to smoosh them)

Pour on top of your biscuit base and smooth with the back of a spoon

Refrigerate for a minimum of 2 hours, preferably overnight!

Remove carefully from the tin and decorate however you’d like.  I melted milk chocolate, drizzled it over the top and finished it off with sliced strawberries and a sprinkle of icing sugar (yum!)

* Biscuit base recipe and the changes to my original recipe inspired by the recipe here

8 thoughts on “A Match Made in My Happy Place : Strawberry and Whiskey Cheesecake”

  1. This is good. I think we also need to experiment using the same basic recipe, but with different combinations of spirits and fruit – sticking with the whiskey, I think orange would go well. Then we could have brandy and cranberry for Christmas, and ooh, what about vodka and lime! Mango and tequila?


    1. I’m loving the sound of those combinations! In particular the brandy and cranberry and vodka and lime (yummy!). I don’t think this recipe would work with out of season strawberries (mooshy and flavourless strawberries would ruin this for sure) so having other combinations would be very handy.


  2. No bake cheesecake! No eggs! Fantastic! It’s definitely a summer dessert for sure! You crack me up you lush! Your pictures were fine!! Drunk or not!


    1. lol, thanks hun…you should see all the other photos of the cheesecake from that night,,,all were ridiculously blurry but I could have sworn at the time that they looked crystal clear 😉


    1. Thanks Kim 🙂 it was a little bit addictive (cheesecake for breakfast is okay if it’s got fruit in it, right?).


  3. It is so nice to have you visiting and following my blog. I really appreciate it. I hope you will enjoy each of your visits in my blog. 🙂
    Thank you again, and have a lovely day, my friend! 🙂

    Subhan Zein


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