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Easter, Part 2 : Chocolate Eyeballs and Tight-Rope Walking

We had just enough time to digest Good Friday’s free chocolate when Easter Sunday hit and the kids were showered with even more of the good stuff.

Master 6 awoke with a pretty nasty fever on Easter morning, thus the flushed cheeks and glassy eyes.  He was such a trooper and put in a good effort eating a large chunk of his chocolate and managing to collect more eggs in our Easter Egg Hunt than Master 10 (much to Master 10’s horror).  I don’t have any photos of the actual hunt (all video) so instead, here are some weird photos of the kiddo’s waiting for Daddy to hide the eggs downstairs.

…yes that’s a Monkey with chocolate button eyes (lucky bastard, I’d totally trade in one eyeball for a never ending supply of chocolate buttons).

Naturally the hunt took longer than expected and we found ourselves running very late for the highlight of our Easter weekend…

One crazy cab ride and a sprightly jog in heels (what was I thinking?) later and we arrived at Alexandra Palace for The Moscow State Circus.

To be honest it was a little slow going at first and it didn’t really shine until the second half.  Once the second half began though the ooh’s and aah’s abounded.  Yes, the performances that involve a harness can be spectacular, but let’s face it nothing beats the very real danger of watching the tight-rope walkers doing their thang with no net or harness.

Danger = Entertainment.  Sad, but true!

The clowns were actually pretty darn likeable and I have a deeply ingrained distaste for clowns being within a 50 mile radius of me.  These guys weren’t of the creepy variety (no gigantic painted on smile and abnormally large feet).  There was some slightly uncomfortable audience participation involved in their act.  Fortunately for us only ring side seats were at risk of experiencing the special kind of humiliation that comes from playing an instrument with your bottom in front of a live audience.

I think this one goes down as the best circus I’ve been to since I was a child.  I think there will always be a tiny bit of me that misses seeing the elephants (I completely understand why circus’s are no longer allowed to have animals and as an adult I’m sure I’d be disgusted at the mistreatment of those glorious creatures. There’s still a little niggle of nostalgia there though).  It was definitely a fun day out for the grown ups and the kids and that makes The Moscow State Circus a winner for us!

After the circus we decided to wander around the enormous Alexandra Palace park to burn off some energy and take in some much needed fresh air.  The boys raced up and down hills (I declined) and though we didn’t get a proper look at the Palace itself we took in some of the beautiful architecture from a distance whilst waiting for the bus.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter.  What did you get up to on your long weekend?

We’re definitely experiencing some damp April showers here in London over the past few weeks.  I didn’t realise how much I’d been missing some good old English wet weather until it finally arrived and I’m loving it!

2 thoughts on “Easter, Part 2 : Chocolate Eyeballs and Tight-Rope Walking”

  1. This has absolutely nothing to do with this post AT ALL. I just remembered it was your birthday earlier in the month and I didn’t even say boo!

    So……. boo! Happy birthday Jen!!



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