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Sometimes Easy Really Isn’t Pretty : Meatloaf

Sexual innuendo completely intended…

Anywho!  As previously mentioned (i.e complained about) our current kitchen’s stove is downright awful so meals have been of the easy and mostly bake-able variety over the past few months.  Meatloaf most definitely falls into the easy and bake-able category so it’s become a favourite served up with buttered bread and lots of veggies.

I think most of us have a tried and tested meatloaf recipe so I figured I’d share mine this week, feel free to tweak it however you like.

Pre heat your oven to 180 C/ 350 F

In a large mixing bowl place all your ingredients and brace yourself for a really disgusting photo…

…hopefully you’ve managed to hold onto your breakfast after seeing the disgustingness of a naked sausage with mustard and garlic smothered on top of it (I have no idea how I didn’t notice how gross this looked whilst taking the photo, must have been “in the zone” )

The easiest and most effective way to combine all these ingredients is to get your hands in the bowl and smoosh it until everything is combined

Place your mixture into a greased or lined loaf tin and pat down until smooth

Place a greased piece of baking paper directly on top of the mince (I was out of baking paper and greased a piece of aluminium foil instead)

Bake for 1 hour and 30 minutes, removing the paper/foil 15 minutes early to allow it to brown on top a little

Did I mention this baby isn’t pretty?

Mine lost its bottom (hehe) when I tipped it out of the tin but scooping the extra bits out was the highlight of my evening (oh, you’re wondering why I’m eating meatloaf out of the tin with a spoon? To save on water trying to wash it out later, obviously!).  If however you don’t need an excuse to hide in the corner of the kitchen shoveling meatloaf down your gob unbeknownst to the rest of your family who are patiently waiting on dinner then you could place a long strip of baking paper underneath your mince mixture so you can just lift it out after baking

My hubby’s favourite way to eat meatloaf is with buttered bread and ketchup.  I have it minus the bread and butter and it’s still pretty awesome!


* Recipe is from here

6 thoughts on “Sometimes Easy Really Isn’t Pretty : Meatloaf”

  1. I was just thinking of you this morning that I hadn’t heard from you and hoped everything was ok. You’ve been making Meat Loaf!!!

    Yeah, that second picture is, um, well like you said, gross. I think it’s the egg white that glazed over the sausage that makes it unappetizing. LMAO!!

    I used to make my meat loaf in the loaf pan and had my share of the bottoms, sides, the whole thing stuck despite the measures used to keep it from sticking.


    After watching Alton Brown “Good Eats” one night, I noticed he didn’t use a pan at all (he put in sauted veggies in with the meat/pork mixture! He diced up carrots, celery, bell pepper, onion, garlic). He just dumped the mess onto a baking sheet and molded it into a loaf form. Here in the US, we top meat loaf (well some people do) with ketchup and bake it. Or BBQ sauce. I’ve used left over spaghetti sauce. But this eliminates cleaning a pan. Line the baking sheet with foil. You could spray the foil with no stick cooking spray or if it’s available Reynolds Wrap has no stick aluminum foil which is a god send!

    There are SO many variations to meat loaf! I used to HATE it when I was little. Now my kids HATE IT! But as I got older I’ve learned to enjoy it! We serve it with mashed potatoes or noodles with gravy and sometimes home made rolls and butter with of course a side of veggies.


    1. Oh that’s an awesome idea sticking it on a baking sheet without the loaf pan! I’m a huge fan of a pretty much washing up free dinner so will definitely try this next time. I guess it actually makes complete sense now that you’ve pointed it out, I mean it’s not a batter that needs to rise and expand so why do we need a pan to contain it!

      My Mum’s meals all came out of a jar and normally involved rice or pasta growing up so the first meatloaf I ever ate was my own. My only complaint is that it’s too easy to over eat on meatloaf and make yourself completely sick of it.

      Mash and meatloaf is delish! Sadly our stove makes mashed potatoes a huge undertaking at the moment 😦


      1. I agree, because it’s so easy to prepare you can get carry away. You could serve sandwich rolls and make Meat Loaf Sandwiches for dinner. Just serve some raw veggies.

        My mom was queen of meat loaf! She also make roasts. I wasn’t a fan of roasts and I’m still not. I don’t think I’ve ever made a pot roast or a pork roast ever. I like to stick to the easy stuff. Things that take longer to cook than they do to eat doesn’t make sense to me.


        1. mmm…meatloaf sandwiches!

          I must admit I love a good roast. I used to hate making them (all that vegetable chopping and the mess afterwards) but it’s one of hubby’s favourite meals so I kept plodding on (hating every minute of it) until eventually I ended up liking them. Years without a dishwasher and then suddenly having one definitely helped with me converting to liking roasts. I’ll never be into the whole weekly roast thang but maybe once a fortnight? Bubble and squeak the night after is even better than the roast though!

          Love your motto on not cooking anything that takes longer to cook than it does to eat!


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