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A Little Bit Irish : Chocolate Espresso Ripple Pots with Baileys

I’m kind of in love with these adorable little pots of yumminess.  They are one of my go-to desserts when we have people over for dinner.  Super easy to make and fairly rich so a small serving  goes a long way.  I forgot the mascarpone in our grocery order this week so I made this batch with extra cream in place of the cheese.  It worked out okay so if you’re in a tight fix you can double the amount of cream.  If you can find mascarpone though it is 100 times better with the thicker texture (holds together better) and hint of cheesy deliciousness.  You could also try cream cheese if mascarpone isn’t available in your grocery store.

Roughly break 3 to 4 cookies into 4 glasses or espresso cups.  Pour 1 Tablespoon of espresso into each glass

In a large bowl place the mascarpone, cream and Baileys and whip using an electric mixer until smooth and creamy

Melt the chocolate in the microwave and allow to cool for a few minutes.  Pour the cream mixture on top of the chocolate and stir gently until you have a chocolate swirl effect

Divide between the 4 glasses, cover and refrigerate.  An hour or longer will firm them up nicely but if you’re pressed for time then 10 minutes works too

Grate some chocolate on top if you feel like it and serve with a few extra cookies (I like to crumble them on top or dunk them in for a bit of a crunch).  Enjoy!

* Recipe from Sainsburys Winter Recipe Collection published in 2010

7 thoughts on “A Little Bit Irish : Chocolate Espresso Ripple Pots with Baileys”

  1. O-M-G! I love Bailey’s, too. Saint Brendan’s is another brand you could use also (slightly cheaper in price, too). Pictures are super! You certainly have a talent for this!


  2. Bailey’s is all kinds of awesome. It used to be a Christmas drink for us, but then the bottle from Christmas somehow ran dry and the bottle pictured is the second one I’ve bought since January (yum!).


    1. That’s what I love about them Vanessa, fool proof and totally fixable if for example you drop way too much espresso into one of the cups you can just start that one over. Having guests for dinner I must admit isn’t my favourite activity, for some reason I’m a perfectly adequate cook most days but give me a deadline and the pressure of non-family members judging my food and EVERYTHING goes wrong. Even if I’ve made something 10 times before it always manages to burn, not crisp up or just taste wrong if people are coming over. I always run out of time too, guests turn up and the kitchen will be a disaster zone. These little babies can be made whilst my hubby pours their drinks and in the fridge ready and waiting for after dinner. The only time they were a smidgen of a disaster was when one of our guests turned out to have a nut allergy. Fortunately she asked before digging in and she ended up just eating the cream part and leaving the almond biscuits (disaster averted!).


      1. I’m exactly the same about having people over for dinner! And I hate it if they want to come out to the kitchen to talk with me whilst I’m doing disaster-management. When guests are round, I definitely can’t cook something that requires precise cooking time, it’s far too stressful. I have the hugest respect for all the contestants on Masterchef, not so much for their cooking skills, but just for being able to cook at all under that intense scrutiny!


        1. I hate being caught in the kitching during disaster management too, it just puts the stress levels through the roof!

          I’m always amazed by the contestants on Masterchef’s ability to stay cool too, I couldn’t do it in a million years!


  3. Holy shit.. these were lovely! 🙂
    – I’m gonna share it with my family and everyone else, who loves this kind of dessert. But I would replace the cookies with some other easy desserts found on Peanut Butter Pie Lovers easy dessert recipes section.


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