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Winter in London, At Last!

After weeks of balmy 10-15 degree weather (okay balmy might be a slight exaggeration), winter finally arrived in London a little over a week ago.  Gloomy we’ve had for months but a complete absence of ice, snow or even sleet was making this season draaag

We’ve been lucky during our last two winters in the U.K to have a glorious smattering of snow that sat on the ground for at least a couple of days.  This year I had all but given up hope for a bit of a snowy frolic when December and January were both unseasonably warm.

Then February hit and fortunately I was wrong, cold weather hit and the canals began to freeze over.

On our walks home from school the boys are drawn to the frozen canals like moths to a flame.  The male of the species I have observed just can’t resist an icy canal.   It seems almost instinctual, like a kitty when he smells a mouse in the general area; something about the water is different today than it was yesterday and they must investigate.

They love throwing stuff at the ice and as the days went on and the ice still stood strong ice smashing endeavours moved from twigs and stones to logs and bricks. I noticed every other primary school aged boy who wandered by head straight to the ice to check it out.  There were large groups of teenage boys breaking the ice with their feet and anything else they could get their hands on, two days ago one genius ran straight across it to the hollers and cheers of his mate’s.  One of Master 10’s friends got a little over zealous one day stomping his foot through the ice and actually fell in (he was fine thank goodness).  At first I thought maybe the obsession was confined to boys and teens, but then last weekend we went for a walk with hubby and lo and behold he made a bee line for the ice too.

Then last Saturday evening a flurry of snowflakes finally began to fall in London (hooray!).

Being the dorky Aussies we are we got all squeally and excited at the sight of those pretty, pretty snowflakes and despite the late hour, a frolicking we did go!

These photos are unfortunately all pretty blurry (combination of very low lighting and the camera and anything in my pockets I was using to wipe it constantly being in a state of “wet”).

We went for our usual evening walk beside the Thames but this time there were snow angels to be made, snow balls to smoosh down siblings backs whilst they screech and plot their revenge.

Master 5 bravely took a whizz on a tree, whipping it out with icy gloves wouldn’t be my first choice but the cold air gave him a crazy over active bladder and it beats having a girl squatting in the actual snow!

After doing our usual route along the Thames we cut through to the woodland and stopped at the playground for a bit (not weird at all to be in a snow-covered playground at 11pm).

After several more pit stops at trees along the way for Master 5 and 8 we finally made it near home.

Knowing that this was probably going to be the only proper snow we’d get this season we decided to ignore the time and build a snowman (or two).

In case you can’t tell, the Snow “Boy” is on the left and the Snow “Girl” is on the right.  Maturity abounds, of course.

Master 5 told me on the way up to a hot shower and bed in a very serious tone, “Daddy’s the expert at making boobies, isn’t he Mummy!”.

Finding the right size sticks and moulding snow around them into a matching set of snow breasts is a noble trade.

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