The Kidlets


As we sat on the tube headed to London Zoo on Monday, Master 5 got to chatting about how he wished he had a PSP or a 3DS of his own (Master 10 got a PSP for Christmas).  He jokingly out-right asked Daddy, “Can you buy me one puh-leease?”.

I’m not sure if I’ve covered Master 5’s penchant for chattering incessantly on the blog before but I assure you this kid could talk the ear off anyone, possibly even the cat.  Seriously, even if there is nothing left to say about anything past, present or future Master 5 will pop out with a variation on, “why is the sky?” and drive even the most patient of grown up to gritted teeth and a mumbled, “oh please can we just be quiet for a bit?”.

With this in mind his Dad piped up in response with, “You know what kiddo, I bet you can’t stay completely quiet and not mutter one word for a whole day.  If you win then I’ll buy you a 3DS”.

His eyes went wide, he let out a giggle and then excited cried, “Okay Daddy!”.

Honestly we didn’t think he could make it the entire tube journey without talking let alone 24 hours.

Master 5 walked through the aquarium completely silent.  He managed to contain himself whilst his Mum watched the monkeys for a ridiculously long time (it’s not a trip to the zoo without seeing the monkeys, I’ve tried to resist so we can fit in other things but they woo me every time. I love me some monkeys!).  All the way home he didn’t utter a word.  By dinner time I was so excited for him that I started to begin every sentence in the vicinity of Master 5 with, “Remember don’t talk!”.

The sweetest part for me was how much Master 7 wanted his little brother to win the 3DS.  This is a kid (Master 7 that is) who put a 3DS at the top of his Christmas list (didn’t get it) and who so desperately wants one for his birthday tomorrow but is certain he’s not getting one.   Before going to bed Mitch suggested to Master 5 that he should stay in his room in the morning to avoid the temptation to talk to his brothers out in the living room.  Master 7 offered to bring Master 5 breakfast in their bedroom and told me he would remind him straight away when they woke up and stay out of his way so he wouldn’t accidentally forget.   Warm and fuzzy moments galore!

1:30pm was the time he began his silence on the tube and at 1:30pm today he still hadn’t made a peep (bar a few tiny slip ups that involved a whisper about needing to go to the loo and him answering Daddy when he accidentally asked Master 5 a question without thinking!) and I can’t describe how overjoyed this kid was.  He jumped in the air arms raised shouting, “Yes!” and did a little victory dance.  It was like winning the lotto through sheer determination.  His reaction was right on par with the time we told him we were on a train to Disneyland and it was awesome.

Eeee!  It was a big moment.  I couldn’t believe his determination and will power, this kid is my new hero!  Master 5 more than earnt his reward but more importantly for his Mum and Dad the look of joy on his face was priceless.

We quickly got ready to leave the house.  Our champion got to ride on Daddy’s shoulders the whole way to the shop.

2 thoughts on “Winner!”

  1. What a little champion!!! Good on him. That’s a hard feat, for ANYONE. Let alone a kid and on a day out for goodness sake.

    I reckon he deserved his present. Bet his mum and dad could barely believe their ears.

    P.S. Does Master 7 get one tomorrow too??????? Does he? Does he?


  2. I have to say it was one of my favourite trips of all time out with the kids. Master 10 and Master 8 briefly attempted to win themselves a bet or two with Daddy (for smaller items) but kept either accidentally talking and/or trying to trick the other into talking and inadvertantly ending up losing the bet themselves. So with all that going on it was almost completely silent walking around the zoo and on the trip home. Very peaceful for Mum and Dad. You don’t realise how exhausting just listening and talking to children is until you don’t have to do it for a day, heavenly!

    oooh…you’ll have to wait and see what he got 😉 As I type this he still has one more surprise present hidden for bedtime.


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