Christmas, Move Over, The Kidlets

Merry Christmas

I’m in lazy holiday mode so here are some videos from Christmas Morning.  The first one has a thrilling conversation spurred by Master 5 receiving a big Scooby Doo set for Christmas.  Then the cheeky monkey tells his Dad what his present is before he’s opened it…oops!


Second video is a short one, Master 5 and Daddy opening a joint present.  This one doesn’t seem to have finished processing on YouTube so watch this space!




2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Now this doesn’t actually have anything to do with this post, rather the split of the two blogs. I’ve chosen to follow the personal blog, because (a) I’m more interested in you, and (b) I can’t cook!!


    1. lol, no worries Nick. Truth be told I cook/bake so much calorie laden rubbish that its probably better to avert your eyes for fear of gaining 5kg’s from just looking at it, so smart decision 😉


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