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Almost Good Enough to Forget You’re Eating Turkey Yet Again!: Left Overs Turkey Soup

I surely can’t be the only one with eyes bigger than our entire household’s stomach at turkey buying  time.  It’s become a Christmas tradition buying a turkey that barely fits into our oven, gives my biceps a hell of a workout yanking it out of the oven every half hour to baste with the bucket-load of butter melted at the bottom of the pan and leaves us with enough left over turkey on Boxing Day to feed our entire apartment building.

For me turkey sandwiches start to get old really quickly so this spicy soup is one of my favourite go-to recipes in the week following Christmas.   I posted this recipe back in June when we finally roasted our emergency frozen bird and had turkey coming out of ears again.  I’m totally making this soup for lunch and/or dinner tomorrow so I thought I’d post it back up for any one stopping by.

Click the ingredients list for a printable pdf version of this recipe.

1/  Heat olive oil in a heavy bottomed saucepan over medium heat

2/  Add the onion, frying for 5 minutes or until it starts to soften and becomes translucent

3/  Add the red pepper, ground coriander and chilli flakes (if you or your children don’t like spicy food reduce this to 1/4 tsp or alternately if you love a bit of zing you could increase it to 1 full teaspoon) and stir for 1 minute

4/   Pour in the hot stock (assuming you made it up out of a stock cube) and stir in the beans and turkey (you could also use left over roast chicken if you prefer)

5/  Give your soup a taste and add salt and pepper to taste (I like this soup with a heavy dose of cracked black pepper) before bringing to the boil

6/  Lower heat, cover and let simmer for 10 minutes (or until the vegetables have softened)

7/  Give it another taste and season if needed

8/  Stir in your fresh coriander or parsley and serve with crusty bread (or on its own if you’re all carb’ed out from Christmas snacking!).


Based on this recipe from Good Food.

1 thought on “Almost Good Enough to Forget You’re Eating Turkey Yet Again!: Left Overs Turkey Soup”

  1. O-M-G! I can almost smell that from across the pond!

    In my fridge, I have these two turkey “drumstick” legs. Since we’re not big turkey eaters, we don’t eat many leftovers. They are cooked and smoked already by a company that then “shrink wraps” them (to seal in flavor). Back in November I bought wings from this company thinking they were to just warmed up and eaten. They weren’t. They were rubbery and hard to chew. So I surmised that they must be for soup stock and soups. Yep, after I boiled the crap out of them for 2 1/2 hours, the meat fell off the bones and the stock was amazing! Added some veggies and noodles and fresh bread and what a meal! That soup only lasted about 3 nights. So now I have the “drumsticks”. I think I’m going to cook them up for New Years. I love the idea of adding the chick peas!

    Great recipe!


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