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Just in the nick of time…my Christmas Cake is Finished! Christmas Eve Craziness!

As of 5 minutes ago all our presents are wrapped and under the tree, my pastry for the next round of fruit mince pies is chillin’ in the fridge and I’m about to get rollin’ on my 3rd round of rum balls and apricot balls.  Why am I making them yet again you ask?  Apparently they were all too tempting and my “boys” (biggest one included) have been gobbling them up like nobodies business and there are none left for Christmas Day (oops!).

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with lots of end of year events at school, the crazy move and one of my good friends from Australia visiting (lots of nights out and about!) so I’m relieved everything is falling into place and the end is in sight.

One of my big to-do’s for Christmas Day was our Christmas Cake and here is how it all turned out.  This website has great instructions for decorating your Christmas Cake, head over there for all the details!

Decorating Rich Fruit Cake

Completed Rich Fruit Cake

Marzipan layer on rich fruit cake

Marzipan layer is Delia’s recipe from here.  I didn’t have time to leave mine for days and had to make do with a few hours.  Mine turned out just fine so don’t worry if you’ve left it till the last minute like me and do the final two steps on the same day (night).

marzipan layer on rich fruit cake

I had a few patchy bits (neat is not my forte) so I just squished some bits into the gaps

3 thoughts on “Just in the nick of time…my Christmas Cake is Finished! Christmas Eve Craziness!”

  1. Irene, thank you! I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas as I type this! Enjoy!

    Petra, thank you for stopping by. I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas too 🙂

    Our turkey is almost roasted and we’re patiently awaiting the Doctor Who Christmas Special. I’m pretty stuffed from the day long feast on Christmas food but I’m sure I can squeeze in some turkey 😉


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