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Settling In, Slowly but Surely

We’ve moved home 3 times since May 2009 plus 3 mini-moves (i.e living out of luggage) before settling into our first U.K home.  With that in mind you might think that we’d have this moving business down to an art form.  You’d be completely wrong.  It’s become crazy clear to me that no matter how “experienced” you are at loading your crap into boxes, moving it and unpacking it at the other end, moving will always without fail suck balls.  Plain and simple, it sucks balls.  No if’s, but’s or maybe’s.  Moving?  I hate you.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest.  I’m totally NOT going to show you pics of our pretty, pretty flat because we still have unpacked boxes in almost every room.  I managed to finish unpacking the kitchen this week and it only took a very nasty burn on my hand to get my butt into gear (apparently if you reach over a pile of boxes and into your oven you are likely to sizzle your hand on the heating element, oh and if its hot enough you won’t even feel it thus leaving your hand in place for long enough to do a really good job of sizzling your skin).

The lounge room is semi-done as long as you ignore that pile of boxes in the corner and concentrate on the Christmas presents and the tree they’re sitting under.  On a side note, moving just before Christmas has one perk and one perk only.  The tree surrounded by wrapped presents provides a great eye-catcher to detract from the chaos.

We decided to get a real tree this year in the hope of making the house more Christmassy.  I normally start decorating the house at the end of November so we were already a few weeks late with the moving induced exhaustion.  A real tree gave us something to look forward to and I have to say it’s kinda worked.

Here are some photos of us decorating our Christmas Tree last weekend, our last tree was much smaller so we’re a little low on decorations but I still think she’s pretty in a naked kinda way.

5 thoughts on “Settling In, Slowly but Surely”

  1. As long as your all together for the holiday! You’ll all look back in the coming years on this time and think “Remember the year we moved into the flat right before Christmas?” The kids will always have a fond memory of it.

    Yeah, moving definitely “sucks balls”! BIG TIME! LMAO!!


  2. You are so right, it will certainly make this a memorable Christmas! With all the moving we seem to be unable to celebrate Christmas in the same house more than once! That makes each Christmas a bit different to the one before it aswell.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates moving. I’d almost rather donate a kidney than move again anytime soon….aargh!


  3. Merry Christmas Kim! I hope you’re having wonderful Christmas 🙂

    We’re not far from where we were living before our move, we’re still in South-East London in Southwark.

    The kids did have a blast, they are very proud of their tree 🙂 🙂


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