London, Out and About

Time for a Quickie!

We have net again as of yesterday evening and my goodness did I feel disconnected from the world this past week!  In our post moving slump (I’m a weirdo, I get depressed when all my surroundings change at once) I haven’t managed to get a recipe up for this week. In lieu of yummy Christmas goodness, here are some photos from Ice Skating at the London Eye the week before last.  Here’s my post from last year’s Ice Skating.












4 thoughts on “Time for a Quickie!”

  1. What a nice night! I love ice skating and I love that last photo of the doubledecker in motion with the Big Ben in the background! You are SO fortunate to have such gorgeous landmarks near you! Hope you’re all settled in now and can enjoy what is left of the holiday.


  2. I love ice skating too, though I’m just awful at it. The kids leave me for dead, I like to think I’m giving them a confidence boost by slipping over regularly and having a close relationship with the wall.

    We are very lucky to have so many beautiful landmarks around us. You’ll have to visit soon!!


  3. The ice skating rink below the London Eye was a new addition last year 🙂

    We’re a few tube stops from the London Eye and South Bank, but a bit further from central London. I think we have the best of both worlds, close enough to access all the sights easily but far enough out that we don’t have to deal with too many crowds. Hubby rides his bike to work so we always needed to be within 5 miles of smack bang in the middle of central London…I feel like we struck gold with the area we ended up finding 18 months ago 🙂


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