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Autumn Romps and Halloween

Autumn is by far my favourite season, second only to a good layer of winter snow this is my favourite weather for sure!  I love the chill in the air that’s enough for a comfy coat and an occasional scarf but not so cold its uncomfortable to breathe it in for too long.

 Oh and did I mention how in love I am with Autumn leaves?  I’ve been known to sulk if the leaves aren’t changing by the end of September (patience is not a virtue I possess).




The only down side to the cooler weather for me is that it starts to get dark early in the evening.  I’m cool with the dark (moonlight is super flattering) but my camera is sadly not a fan.  I’ve read the silly things manual, I’ve tried loads of different settings but alas clear night shots are a no-go with my point and shoot.

Anywho!  Here’s some cupcakes…


…and here’s a cutie and his jack-o-lantern

…and the big cutie and his pumpkin


Trick or Treating…

…and here are some ninjas hanging out in the woodland

I learnt an important lesson this year about costumes…DO NOT give little boys toy swords to knock on doors with.  They will absolutely try and stab poor old ladies shakily holding their bowl of sweets in order to you know, stay in character (oops).

After a long night and a huge haul we arrived back home…here’s another terribly dark photo.  If you can’t make it out it’s Master 7 and Master 5 checking out their haul on our front step…Eddie’s on the right sharpening his nails getting ready to flee!




4 thoughts on “Autumn Romps and Halloween”

  1. Is there a curfew for trick or treaters? Alot of areas here only allow kids to trick or treat 4pm – 8pm. Some places have it on the day before. Other places encourage families to go to the mall and the kids can trick or treat store to store for safety.

    I remember being out til 10pm and only then if I did my entire neighborhood.

    I do miss going out with my boys around the neighborhood with their friends and their parents. We’d have a ball! Now that I live on a rural road, I don’t get any trick or treaters and the boys have out grown it.

    I’d say from the stash of candy that it was a very successful night! They’ll probably be eating all that til New Years!


  2. People do start to get a little annoyed after 8:30! Sunset is around 4:30 now that daylight savings is over for the year so that’s why it’s so dark for trick or treaters 🙂 On a weekend it’s easier to be out early but in London anyway most people aren’t home from work to take their kids out until after 6:30/7:00.

    I enjoy handing out treats almost as much as walking the kids around the neighbourhood and kind of look forward to being the funny older lady in the witch’s hat opening the door a little too quickly when our boys are too big.

    This year Master 5 was a little brat and wasn’t allowed to the the last 5 or so houses. He started being really rude, grabbing two or three HANDFULS and calling out, “we’re waiting! we’re WAITING” when people went to get their stash. I was mortified! He had a tussle with an old lady over her chocolate bars, she was saying “only take the one” and trying to pull the bowl back and he was in with both hands taking 5 or 6…it was a chorus of growls from hubby and I, “GIVE THEM ALL BACK NOW!” from the curb. Oh the embarrassment! lol. Greedy little turds!

    Definitely a success in their books 🙂


  3. Thanks Kim. The cupcakes were pretty darn delicious!

    They are all at a really nice age 🙂 Young enough that they still think Mum and Dad are pretty awesome and aren’t embarrassed to walk around the neighbourhood with us, but old enough that they’re independent and should know how to use good manners when knocking on doors (Master 5 had a relapse on the manners front but ah well…it happens!). Special occasions are always the ones you treasure them being little still the most, so I’d imagine it will be the most nostalgic time when they’re all grown up for me,…*sniff*


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