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What Are Your Hopes and Dreams For Your Kids?

When I was a kid the expectations of what we’d all grow up to be seemed pretty clear.  My parents didn’t really talk to me about what I wanted to be when I grew up, they sent me to a private school and we went to church on Sundays.  As far as they were concerned they were ticking those all important boxes.

The “rules” as I saw them were:

  • Finish School
  • Go to University
  • Get Married (a virgin of course) and the general consensus on that one was that the “good girls” got married in the church in their early to mid-20’s and a year or two later they’d have baby number one with many more babies to follow

Now as a mother myself, my hopes and dreams for my kids are a little broader.

I hope:

  • They find something they are good at and enjoy.  Whether it be writing, painting, architecture, science, a string of start-up businesses before they find something that sticks, medicine, breeding show dogs, fixing cars or anything and everything in between
  • They make good friends they can laugh and enjoy life with
  • They have healthy self-esteem’s.  Ultimately I think if you love yourself then you’re more likely to make healthy decisions.  I have no objections when they are old enough to them having sex before marriage as long as they respect themselves, are safe and respect the person they are sleeping with
  • They have open minds and aren’t put in any “boxes” they struggle to get out of.  I’ll support them if they choose to be Agnostic/Atheist like myself, Christian like their extended family or any other religion…as long as they still have the ability to think clearly and critically for themselves.  I’ll support them if they want to study at Uni for 10+ years or drop out of high school and study a trade when they’re old enough…as long as they have a plan and they’re doing it because it’s something they believe in
  • They are free from depression and have a positive outlook on life
  • Hopefully they eventually meet someone they want to spend their lives with (man or woman) who makes them truly happy
  • That they experience life to its fullest.  Travel if they enjoy it because I think it’s an amazing way to broaden your horizons
  • That they are open to change.  So many people are tied down by their jobs, family and routine but honestly in our rich Western nations we have the luxury of being able to just turn around tomorrow and plan for a change.  I want them to understand that just because you’re a teacher or a vet today doesn’t mean you have to be one for the rest of your adult life if it’s not making you happy.  The possibilities are endless!
  • Respect themselves and others around them
  • Be assertive, but always listening and open to others opinions
  • Most of all I hope that they are happy.  Most aspects of our lives can be changed with a bit of optimism and hard work but misery and depression is a debilitating weight that’s hard to climb out from under

What are your hopes and dreams for your kids?



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