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Red Coat Lovin’

This year will be my third winter in the Northern Hemisphere and the blankets of snow, dorky hats, colourful scarves and cuddly wool coats still thrill me to no end.

This year I’m feeling the Red!   Coat shopping is so not happening this year but a bit of window shopping never hurt anyone.  Join me in my drool-fest.

 Coat #1 (£99 from Marks and Spencer)

#2 (£650 from Burberry)

Coat #3 (£100 from Debenhams)

#4 (£1895.00 from Burberry)

#5 (£90 from Next)

Coat #6 (£69.99 on Ebay)

#7 (£65 from Debenhams)

#8 (£29.99 on Ebay)

#9 (£85 from Marks and Spencer)

#10 (£430 from Jaeger)


4 thoughts on “Red Coat Lovin’”

  1. You can’t go wrong with anything from Burberry’s or Marks and Spencer. I peruse their site now and then. They have wonderful things (I avoided the “a” word for you 🙂 ).

    I think my favorite is that first Burberry dark red plaid number. Ugh, the models make me sick though. So freakin’ skinny!


  2. Oh I know 😛 Sooo skinny! If only paying £650 could guarantee I’d look like the model whilst wearing the coat…that’d be totally worth it 😉

    unleash the a-word…I can handle it 😉


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