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Our Holiday in Australia (Part 2) : Sandy Cracks and Ice Cream by the Beach

View from our balcony

The second week we spent at Coolangatta on the Gold Coast in an apartment overlooking the beach. It was all kinds of awesome and these white pom’s despite several layers of sunscreen and ridiculously big hats managed to get a tan (okay, so my foundation remained “Ivory” but I got to use the brand that’s “Ivory” was a shade too dark for my skin weeks earlier so it totally counts people!). We saw dolphins (I have a video I need to edit and post), ate meat pies for lunch and lamingtons for afternoon tea (some of the things you miss when you leave Australia!) and had Milo with breakfast every morning and Milo before bed every night. We ate Aussie beef for dinner almost very night and had Barramundi, hot chips and giant milk shakes from the fish and chip shop a few times.

Lamington on the beach
Lamington’s on the Beach

note: There’s an awful lot of wikipedia links in this post for my American readers.  Visiting our home country meant we went nuts trying to squeeze in all the Aussie stuff (namely food) we’d been missing.  Sorry if you get lost, I’ve linked anything I thought might be confusing, apologies if I missed any!

Covered in sand and smelling of a mix of ocean and sunscreen we ate Cold Rock along the esplanade and imagined it was a hot summer’s day (granted we’re wimpy pom’s now and 27 degrees celsius is a hot summer’s day for us, though deep down I think we could probably stomach a 40 degree day…25 years of experience will still stay with you).

I shopped at Target and Kmart for kids clothes (you have no idea how much I was craving that!). We bought a giant leg of ham on the bone from Woolworths and cut off chunks whenever we were peckish (just like Christmas holidays as a kid). We fried prawns on the BBQ (yes, some stereotypes are totally true…but they’re prawns NOT shrimps…sheesh!) and ate them alongside our beef sausages and beef steaks every night. I ate my fair share of Cherry Ripe‘s and drooled over a proper bakeries display of goodies (ate some too, obviously).

Aussie meat pie

The boys dug in the sand, built sand castles, boogie boarded to their heart’s content and watched the sun set over the ocean every evening. More importantly for them the rest of hubby’s family were on the same floor of the hotel and the kids loved just popping down the corridor to spend time with relatives they’d been missing desperately for the past few years.

coolangatta beach

Beach at Coolangatta

It was a flash back to years ago when Master 5 was a baby and we went on holiday with hubby’s family the week after Christmas.  I’m not a fan of the beach in the summer time but having family around no matter what the weather is lovely.  During our week at Coolangatta it wasn’t all blue skies and sunshine but even the beach in the rain was beautiful!

We spotted some dolphins out swimming one sunny afternoon and I captured them on video so I’ll edit it sometime soon and pop it up.  In the meantime here’s Master 5’s sand-drawing of a dolphin…

…and then he added a smile.

Hubby decided to tweak a passer by’s unicorn in the sand…I’ll let you decide which part he added…

After the ice-covered beaches we visited in Scotland and the rocky beach in Dover the beautiful sandy beaches of our homeland were spectacular.  Yes there were some sandy-crack waddles to the hotel for a shower but that was long after the fun of building sand castle’s, digging monster holes and blanketing ourselves in sand to keep warm on the cooler days was over…

I love Aussie beaches in the Autumn and Winter…no burning to a crisp in 10 minutes and no crowds of people flocking to the water!

6 thoughts on “Our Holiday in Australia (Part 2) : Sandy Cracks and Ice Cream by the Beach”

    1. It was wonderful! I love living in England but a sandy (and sunny) beach is hard to come by so it was nice to get a good dose of sunshine and ocean air before heading back to the hustle and bustle of London 🙂


  1. The beach in my opinion is wonderful in any weather! I would love to live on the beach.

    Thanks for the links. I want a lamington now! OMG, how decadent can that be?

    We have a Cold Stone here which is probably the same as Cold Rock.

    Not many kids can brag that they went to Australia on holiday. What a great experience! They definitely had a great time! It’s tough coming home I’m sure. I can understand why. Who wouldn’t want to leave a place like that!?


  2. Lamingtons are pretty awesome!

    It was tough knowing we wouldn’t see family for at least another year…but on the other hand it was nice to get back to normal life! The beach may not be as awesome if we saw it every day (or maybe it would be…lol).


  3. It’s definitely the kind of boredom I’d be willing to risk….you know…just to test my hypothesis (about it losing some of its appeal)…in the interest of keeping my eager public informed 😉

    If Australia hasn’t been destroyed by natural disaster by the time I’m an old retiree, an apartment by the beach at Coolangatta (or similar) would definitely be high on my list of places to live out the rest of my days.


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