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Our Holiday in Australia (Part 1): Less blabber more Photos!

This blog has been a little word-heavy of late and not the interesting kind either.  It has always been a place I vent and clear my head so I guess its just like that some weeks (or months).  To make up for the mind-numbing ramblings here’s some eye candy!

We arrived in Australia on a Saturday night and after a hot shower and some dopey eyed unpacking I fell into a deep sleep that night.  Sunday I was dragged out of bed with the promise of coffee (mmm…coffee) and we had a family photo shoot in my in-laws back yard.  I’m a fan of candid shots and haven’t gone down the staged photo route since Master 7 was very little,  but it was nice to have some photos of all of us (i.e me in front of the camera, not behind).  It was also a really nice welcome home seeing all of hubby’s side of the family and spending the day doing something together (i.e dorky posing and laughing at each others expense…oh and wine, lots of it!).

That first week nothing photo worthy happened.  I had an “ice breaker” dinner at a restaurant with my parents one night and things went smoothly so we organised to see them again in our third week.  I was too busy keeping the peace to get any photos so you’ll just have to take my word for it (no tussle’s over the salad bar, no food flying out of mouths during a “heated” discussion and no glasses of liquid deposited in anyone’s laps).

Just imagine a week of the big people relaxing and enjoying having, “Mum” to cook dinner and keep the kids amused.  The boys took full advantage of running around like loon’s in a back yard at least 20 times the size of our London back garden and talking the ear off grown ups who weren’t sick to death of hearing their “stories” about cartoons, comics, beyblades and who’s the biggest bully at school.

Next up:  Our week in Coolangatta (Part 2) : Sandy Cracks and Ice Cream by the Beach

3 thoughts on “Our Holiday in Australia (Part 1): Less blabber more Photos!”

  1. You.Have.A.Beautiful.Family!!! OMG, these pictures are wonderful, love the one of your husband hamming it up behind the two women!! Those two pictures of the four of you, the first one and the fourth one are gorgeous (I’m trying not to say adorable, but they are…..:-) ). They would make fantastic Christmas cards! And have that blown up and framed!!! It’s wonderful! It looks like you all had a good time with this photo shoot. I photograph horribly. I would have been the one taking the pictures.


  2. hehe, thanks Irene! I’d definitely like to frame some of them. Hopefully our next house will have proper wall space for frames and we can do the dorky family pics plastered all over the house look.

    I conveniently didn’t upload any of the unflattering ones and there were a LOT of them! There were hundreds and these were the only ones I’d willingly let the viewing public see of me so I don’t know how photogenic I am either!


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