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Hampton Court Palace isn’t exactly a kids dream destination.  You won’t get squeals of delight at the sight of the architecture, the history, the rose gardens or from the fact that it’s one of the Royal Palace’s.  In fact, if not for the café with scrummy scones and cakes and the kick arse (and world’s oldest) hedge maze then the whole day would have been a complete bust.

You can see how thrilled Master 7 was with the rose gardens…

Hampton Court Palace Gardens

blue moon rose at Hampton Court Palace GardensMummy stopping to take photos of random roses she deemed pretty went down really well too.  The purple one was called “Blue Moon” and the orangey-pink one didn’t have a name (I know, I know…you’re as excited as the kids right now)

Rose at Hampton Court Palace GardensWe took pity on them and headed for the maze…

Gardens at Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Gardens Maze Entrance

We played two rounds of hide-and-seek in the maze (good fun).  Naturally I won the first round and became a marker for fellow hedge-mazers whilst standing hidden at an intersection.

Here’s Master 10 in a very dramatic shot as he discovered me.

Maze at Hampton Court PalaceDaddy won the second round.  This was not surprising given our kids idea of a hiding spot was around the first bend covered by a raincoat.  Apparently it was such a brilliant plan that one copied the other and shuffled up a little ways.  They’re super sneaky ordinarily.  Take them into a grocery store and they’re master hiders but apparently hedges aren’t their forte.

Maze at Hampton Court Palace

We then headed to the Tiltyard Cafe…

Tilt Cafe at Hampton Court Palace

Here’s mine…

Coffee and a Scone with Jam and Clotted Cream…and here is my beautiful Mum-in-Law who is staying with us for a few weeks

…Master 10 fed the birds

…whilst hubby and Master 5 were deep in thought

…after contemplating the meaning of life Master 5 and Master 7 decided to hide in hedges…

…it was a drizzly typical summer’s day in England with rain coats and umbrella’s in tow but enough sunshine to still be an enjoyable day out and about

Hampton Court Palace GardensHampton Court Palace

We’ve been super busy over the past 2 weeks and I have loads of photos to share when I get a few good hours to plant myself in front of the computer!

4 thoughts on “A-maze-ing”

  1. What a cool place! Well, you can’t have EVERYTHING fun for the kids. The roses were beautiful!
    I want that cupcake! With the pink icing!


  2. Cupcakes are a problem for me Irene, I can never just stop at one (granted that’s me with most things: chocolates, cakes, ice creams, corn chips, chicken wings…)…I went with the scone because I figured you can only eat so many of them before you’re stuffed. I may have sampled Master 5’s cupcake…but sssh!

    Thanks 🙂 Thought it was an adequately summery header….goodness knows the English summer will be over before we know it!


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