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When we first arrived in the U.K here are a few things I didn’t do:

  • Discuss the weather almost compulsively to perfect strangers and with fervor
  • See sunshine and blue skies as a big “event” and make grand plans for spending as much time “baking” in the park as possible
  • Refer to feeling unwell as being “poorly”
  • Regularly take my kids to the pub on a Sunday afternoon (they’re family friendly, honest)
  • Hear my neighbours bed creaking in the night (I’d never shared a wall with a non relative before)
  • Have any strong feelings on the French (other than their men being notoriously horny)
  • Have a glass (or 3) of wine in the park (silly Australia and their booze in public laws)
  • Own a scarf or a dorky woollen hat (and love ’em)
  • Eat more pork in a week than beef
  • Buy fresh meat from a market stall without refrigeration (after all it only reached 2 degrees celsius that day)
  • Eat roasted chestnuts in my dorky hat and scarf
  • Sit on a rocky beach on a summer’s day, wearing a coat thinking how glorious the sunshine is
  • Have my washing machine in my kitchen and think it perfectly normal
  • Take an interest in what my local councils plans are and how they will affect us (everyone in London does use the local parks after all, there’s no hiding away in your own spacious back garden), I even went as far as to be one of “those people” who contacts them 3 or 4 times about a safety hazard until they finally fixed it
  • Stay out until after 10pm on a sunny day (it’s still light then in the height of summer after all)
  • Get to know my postman (I even hum Postman Pat under my breath on my way to open the door)
  • Exclusively order almost everything I need online without stepping foot in a shop (the mail in Australia is a bit crap and unreliable and 2 years ago most things couldn’t be bought online easily)
  • Appreciate high street shopping and charity shops
Oh and don’t get me started on my mish mash of pronunciation…some things I still say like an Aussie but they are getting fewer and far between.

3 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes”

  1. I wanna come over and do all those things including sporting the dorky hat (I love hats!) and scarves!
    It’s still light at 10pm in the summer? Cool!
    You sort of get to know your postman just because yousee him everyday. I didn’t make it a habit, but I try to be cordial to him when he delivers the mail. He’s about 280-300 lbs, and literally hangs out of the window of the truck. When I worked at the deli, he would come in and get a Snapple drink and a Slim Jim.
    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooook. Keep it up Dennis……you’re looking slimmer everyday!
    The English has strong feelings for the French like Americans have strong feelings for Mexicans (though they do make kick ass salsa).

    We still refer to feeling bad as “poorly” now and then. Some of the old English sayings still exist here.
    Charity (we call them thrift shops here) rock!
    I figured that alot of the shopping is done on-line was because you’re hard pressed to find a parking spot.


  2. hehe, yeah there are definitely a few things to get used to but nothing major 🙂 You’ll do fine! Thanks for stopping by!


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