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Last weekend we went to Jamie Oliver’s Feastival in Clapham Common.  We got cheap tickets from one of the London daily deal sites and kids under 12 were free (yippee!) so cheap gourmet food, live music and entertainment for the kids how could we go wrong?

The biggest draw for a lover of food like me was the opportunity to try food from several London restaurants on the cheap (£5 per meal).  There were heaps of other yummy things on offer (gelato anyone?) and we started our day off with fresh cut watermelon.

We’re nothing if not eager eaters in this family…

Hubby graciously got me a pina colada to qualm my whining about wanting one of those pineapple thingies!  It’s a whole pineapple honey, a WHOLE pineapple and I get a squiggly straw…what on earth could beat that?

Lots of things apparently…it wasn’t so great…but, I have a photo of me with the pineapple and I look like I’m enjoying the pina colada so that’s the important thing. Right?

After attacking the watermelon with plastic cutlery and playing air guitar we moved onto the rides

You may recall from our trip to Disneyland (found here, here and here) that Master 5 loves his rides fast and furious.  It was a merry go round, he did his best with what he had

Then it was time for some proper food…

Meet the scrum-diddly-umptious Homemade Foccacia with slow roasted pork and crisp fennel and leaf salad from  Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen

Then from Four o Nine we had Pomegranate roasted duck breast with bulgur wheat and almond herbed salad…it was pretty darn good!

I think our kiddo’s were some of the only kids with the culinary courage to try anything other than the battered fish and chips and the chicken skewers.  The people serving at the Franklins stall were a little surprised to have a 5 year old and 7 year old show up asking for the rabbit and ale stew

Franklins stall at Jamie Olivers FeastivalI had a bowl myself and it was tasty.  My first time tasting rabbit and I’ve never heard good things about rabbit as a meat in general so they must have done something awesome with it

Adam eating Rabbit, Field Mushrooms and Ale from FranklinsAlex went for the Pork Taco’s from Wahaca

Pork Tacos from Wahaca at FeastivalWe took a little time out from the eating (its important to pace yourself so you can squeeze more in) and listened to some music.  Master 10 and Master 7 weren’t impressed about waiting for ice cream…

Master 5 used the time to take a photo of a random persons bum and roll around in fits of giggles before trying to sprinkle grass in my hair

The cocktail bar was adorable…and yes those are lounge chairs…

Coctail Bar at Jamie Olivers FeastivalFinally we put them out of their misery and headed for the dessert

Ice Cream van at Jamie Oliver's FeastivalZizzi Gelato at Jamie Olivers Feastivalnom nom nom nom…Zizzi Gelato

Zizzi Gelato at Jamie Oliver's Feastival

…and then I tasted the best brownie ever to have touched my lips, and I’m a bit of a brownie whore, I’ve had a lot of ’em!  This was from Lily’s and I could have eaten 20 of their triple chocolate brownies with fresh raspberries and vanilla chantilly cream

Triple Chocolate Brownie with fresh raspberries and vanilla chantilly cream from Lilys

In the interest of our sanity we decided to get the boys to burn off some energy.  There was a Little Dudes Den

Little Dudes Den Jamie Olivers Feastivaland finally we headed to the playground opposite the Feastival

Clapham Common PlaygroundClapham Common PlaygroundOther than an unfortunate dog poop incident (Master 5 managed to pick up enough poop to cover his entire shoe bottom…serves me right for sending him under a very bushy tree to pee, dog owners clearly had the same clever idea to save them selves having to baggy that poop)…it was an awesome day out

Jamie Oliver's Feastival

4 thoughts on “Feastival!”

  1. Your boys have healthy appetites!
    No little umbrella with your “pineapple thingy” drink??????
    Jamie Oliver is all about healthy food, right?
    Looks like you had a great day! I bet everyone had a good nights sleep!


  2. They do indeed!
    There’s a little umbrella to the side on the top (bit hidden unfortunately)
    Yessum he is 🙂 He was one of the driving forces behind schools in the UK providing healthier meals (as opposed to cheap and easy ones) for all children. He’s also a big t.v chef and has a number of restaurants. I think of him as a down to earth, rustic (as opposed to fine dining) chef with stress on getting in more fresh veggies etc.. I’m kinda in love with his latest t.v series (30 minute meals) and I think a year or so ago he did a U.S tour. From memory I don’t think him preaching healthy eating to Americans went down so well and he was a bit of a flop 😉 But we love him over here (and in Australia).

    Definitely out like a light by the time we got home 🙂


    1. The food was pretty awesome! yummo! We are pretty lucky, they’ll try anything once and most things twice (with a little coaxing if they weren’t thrilled the first time round).

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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