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Being a girl in a house full of boys

Being in a house full of males means a small part of you admitting that as a percentage of the minutes the loo is in use each day the toilet seat is needed, “up” more than “down”…

It means that stepping in puddles in the bathroom is a part of life…

Boys galore means “quiet times” are confined to 1 hour after bedtime (if you’re lucky)…

The sound of fighting (play and serious) becomes the soundtrack to your life..

…and going to the movies as a family involves learning to love super hero movies or every one bar you will be bored out of their brain.

My transition to loving super hero movies is clearly complete.   A few weeks ago we saw the Green Lantern movie and I actually enjoyed it.  Rotten Tomatoes didn’t rate it highly but any movie that can keep a super wriggly 5-year-old captivated but still interest the rest of the family is a win for me.

Last night I gave in and went and saw X-men: First Class with the boys as a reward for great comments from all their teachers at their Parent-Teacher Meetings.  In my opinion the X-men movies up until now have been pretty terrible.  The cartoons when I was a kid were awesome but they ruined the characters in the movies.  I mean really…Hugh Jackman?  Worst Wolverine ever!  Lo and behold though the latest movie was actually…wait for it…watchable.  Not the best movie for a 5-year-old (little slow for his attention span) but the rest of us loved it.  There were a few blindingly obvious plot holes but everything else made up for it.

The final Harry Potter movie comes out in a week, eeee!  At least there’s a franchise we can all appreciate.  I get a kick out of seeing these movies whilst living in London, it makes the walk home from the cinema much more thrilling.  I can imagine that fog to be dementors and birds/bats in the distance as witches and wizards out and about on their broomsticks.

2 thoughts on “Being a girl in a house full of boys”

  1. But you have to admit, buying blue, green, brown shirts with goofy characters on them gets old. I sometimes wished I could buy something pink, with bows, and little patent leather shoes and froo froo skirts instead. If I had a little girl, she probably would have had every single Barbie on the market along with the Vette and house-two of them probably. But she would have stilled loved to climb trees and play softball.

    I will say boys are easier to raise than girls.

    Who would have thought I’d like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hot Wheels (that was a given whether I had boys or not-car geeks love that stuff), Power Rangers and Thomas the Tank Engine when I gave birth to my first. I’ve seen all the 90’s Disney movies. Haven’t seen X Men. I don’t want to see Harry. Saw the Batman series and Superman. Luckily, my boys can go to the movies by themselves now and don’t need me in tow!


  2. It absolutely does! Especially a few years back when absolutely EVERY shirt had skulls in some shape or form on it. We went from baby clothes with bunnies and teddies to 1 year old clothing with red and black skulls…weird. Fortunately they’ve broadened their horizons again but the girls section calls to me whenever I’m shopping. The sweet little sundresses and the swimsuits are the worst for me, I want to buy them soooo bad! Red coats with sparkly or flower buttons do my head in too.

    Haha on the barbie collection you envisaged for your daughter. I think my worst nightmare would have been if I’d had a REALLY delicate and girly little girl. I wouldn’t have known what to do with her. To be honest dolls always creeped me out as a kid (still do! the It’s a Small World ride at Disneyland was a little unnerving). Barbie’s were okay (they look like a hot bimbo after all) but baby dolls or any with really big heads (cabbage patch dolls) did not go down well with me. I was all about the teddy bears and stuffed animals.

    Hopefully I’ll have a few grand daughters and can go nuts buying pretty clothes.

    I’ve never been a girly girl and I always wanted sons not daughters…in fact I’m not even a huge fan of 80% of chick flicks but I think the absence of fellow females makes me miss girl time every now and then.

    I agree on boys being easier too, once you accept the bickering and the constant running around, climbing (general never being still) boys are pretty straight forward. Don’t let them get bored and feed ’em well and they are generally satisfied. Imagine having to deal with your own mood swings AND your teenage daughters, yikes!


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