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It’s a Talent

If I had to name a skill set that my kids are naturally good at, it’s definitely not sport related (I married a nerd and my physique is far from athletic so they lost the genetic lottery there), the arts are still a possibility (hubby was very talented at art when he was younger, can’t carry a tune to save his life mind you but we can’t have everything), they’ve got some smarts between them but suffer from being boys (i.e hating being stuck in a classroom rather than running around outside like a loon)…so what is it that these darling boys have mastered all without any parental help or guidance?  Why its bickering my dear readers…bickering.

Bit bored first thing in the morning?  I know, I’ll hide my brothers favourite breakfast bowl and just when he’s getting upset searching to no avail, I’ll tell him I took it.  In fact a really clever effort would be to say I’ve hidden it even though I haven’t a clue where the bowl is.  This method works great in the mornings with all sorts of things: school jumpers (sweatshirts), socks, trousers, book bags, school notes, last roll of toilet paper.  Then there’s the outright lies, “Mummy said you’re not allowed Rice Krispies” (whilst they themselves shovel a big spoonful in their gob), “Mummy gave me chocolate” (did not, ‘sif I’d ever willingly have a square to spare), “Daddy said I’m getting a present but you two aren’t” (which of course leads to wails about how it’s not fair and what is the present? puhleeease tell me what the present is!)

In fact on the walk home from school I discovered that they are so very talented that they can quite literally pull an argument out of thin air,

Child 1: “Hey look!  It’s sooo windy I can barely stand up, its blowing me over”

(note exaggerated, woah its a tornado actions as they spin around in circles)

child 2: “Nah-uh, you’re lying”

child 1: “am not!  You’re just too stupid to be blown over by the wind”

(child 2 pushes child 1 onto his arse)

child 2: “yep, you’re right it did blow you right over”

I like to think that they are gaining important life skills. Deluding yourself is an important part of parenting.

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