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Ah the memories

“ah how sweet”, not “ah big hairy spider!” (just to be clear).

Yesterday was our 8 year wedding anniversary.  We both forgot and it was Facebook with its little event reminder over to the side that clued me in.  Whoops!  You would think we’d be more on the ball given our wedding was 8 days after hubby’s birthday and exactly 2 weeks after Master 10’s birthday but alas we both suck at remembering what day of the week it is today, let alone the date.  It’s a good thing our kids anticipate their birthday weeks in advance and bug us incessantly to tell them, “how many days noooow!!?!” right up until the actual day or goodness knows how many birthdays we’d have forgotten.

So no, this is not one of those blogs where I have a day (or week) that’s lovey dovey themed (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  This is the post and its sharing space with Master 10’s Birthday, because I’m super slack like that.  I have a digital copy of only one wedding photo and this is it.  Look at my wrinkle free forehead and squidgy 2-year-old Master 10 who as you’ll see in a moment is now a giant (with an equally large nerf gun).

I think we’ve come a long way since then and fortunately I was wise and made sure I was a little plump on my wedding day so as not to make myself feel awful 8 years on.  I’ve only gained an extra dress size and I dare say with some assistance I might even be able to squeeze into my wedding dress (breathing might be an issue).  For our 7th Wedding Anniversary there even would have been a little room to spare in that dress, but there’s no use dwelling on my jelly belly and thunder thighs.
Some may think our lack of romance is a sign our marriage isn’t as grand as it could be but I would argue that our marriage is much stronger now than back then and we accept each other for who we are.  Yes, we forget our anniversary almost every year without fail but most weekends hubby makes me bacon and eggs with a big green leafy salad (because he knows I’ll rarely eat one unless its smack bang in front of me) for breakfast and in turn I always give him the best looking plate of food when I serve dinner each night because I know he’ll appreciate the better cooked chicken breast/pork chop/steak more than me.  He puts up with my throws of moodiness (patient man that one) because he knows I’m a loon (oh yes I am) and I never complain (and mostly encourage) hubby to spend a few nights a week at the pub with mates because I know he’s naturally more sociable than me and it de-stresses him.
He always calls me when he’s out late to update me because he knows I worry about him toppling off his bike (valid point since he falls off regularly in crazy London traffic) or falling victim to a crazy Jack the Ripper style serial killer (there’s the crazy kicking in) down a dark alley and I begrudgingly find all his “lost” items most mornings because apparently men are blind (wallet, belt, mp3 player, other random things that they swear they left “right there!”.  So all in all, we work.
We aren’t crazy romantics (and I mean that in a nice way) who shout it from the rooftops but we argue less than a lot of couples and chat about random crap that most people would hate (like a detailed list of ways Stargate Universe went terribly, terribly wrong after the first season and what we would have done differently) or our crazy ideas for a t.v series and random anecdotes we come up with for it from time to time (and record, just in case) but it works for us.  We are in total agreement on how we discipline our kids (we’re probably setting them up quite nicely to make a psychologist in the future very wealthy with their stories about their loser parents, but hey at least we’re a united front) and we’re both adventurous with new food.  He’s not so fond of cake so I eat some of his share (I mean isn’t it better that someone who likes it eat it rather than someone else forcing it down?) and I very graciously leave him more than his share of lettuce in the crisper.

….to finish off, here are some photos of Master 10’s birthday.  The coffee and walnut cake he picked out in case you missed the post is here.
Daddy having a “look” at the Nerf gun
His “big” present from us (its a laptop in case you couldn’t tell)
Birthday dinner (ribs and sticky chicken wings), not pretty but tasty!
…..and just for kicks, here’s the giant when he was a teensy tiny baby

1 thought on “Ah the memories”

  1. Awww, you were the cutest bride!! That’s a great wedding picture with your husband holding Master 10!! You look so happy! I’ve heard the first 7 years of a marriage are the hardest. Obviously, you’ve reached that milestone! Congratulations! Here’s to another 8 and more!
    Happy Birthday to Master 10. He’s the same age as my neighbor’s daughter, as a matter of fact, she just had a birthday also. It’s possible they were born on the same day!
    Will definitely try that cake! I have the post saved in my email!


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