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Random Thoughts

  • Trailer Park Boys…it sneaks up on you.  I didn’t like the sound of it.  I didn’t like the title or the premise but I gave the pilot a watch begrudgingly.
    Trailer Park Boys
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    The show was comical and sparked a slight interest that first episode or two but then… something happened!  Something clicked and I found myself at the end of the first season scrounging for the second.  Burning through those episodes as quickly as humanly possible (given I have to sleep some time and there are bills to pay, mouths to feed and so on and so forth…) and before I know it I’ve sped through the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th season…but youch!  Those bastards only made 7 seasons and alas its all going to end.  I love you Bubbles.

  • Penis Envy. Why is it that males with their dangly and easily adjusted bits can’t aim into the loo?  Yes all women complain about drips and drabs but I share one toilet with 4 males and more than anything , I’m perplexed.  Having birthed three kids (the last of which had a whopper of a head) I can no longer pee in a straight line (too much info?  ah well).  Two kids and all was well but that last giant head must have put a permanent kink in the pipes.  So I’m jealous people!  I have penis envy and it’s not just the joys of being able to walk into a public restroom and pee in a urinal without touching anything but myself, but also the predictable stream that can be aimed at will.  The hover method is 100 times harder when you don’t know which way things are going to “go” and I spent almost 3 weeks hovering whilst Master 7 was in hospital.  Penis’s are completely wasted on men!
  • I can’t decide if our cat is becoming incontinent or if he’s just trying to piss me off (literally).  Eddie is almost 11 (human) years old and the last two have been hard on him.  He was abandoned by us for 6 months and had to live with my parents (please note they are cat people and gave him lots of cuddles)  then shipped in a carrier to the other side of the world where it smells different, the ducks are actually bigger than him, there are squirrels (eeeee!) and snow (or more commonly ice) for a large part of the year.  So anywho! If a pile of clothes hits the floor in any part of the house he’s on it in a flash.  I’ll literally walk into the other room, grab something, come back and boom…cat pee on the pile.  I swear the little bugger feels compelled to do it even if his bladders not screeching at him for a whiz.  He sees the clothes and makes a bit of an effort to squeeze out a bit of a wee.
  • How cute are these vintage owl lamps?  Don’t their eyes just plead for you to buy them and call them your own? This first little guy mentioning in passing to me how adorable he’d look on the living room book shelves.  I’m firmly telling him, No.  Not right now.
  • How awesome are strawberries when they’re in season?  Speaking of awesome things to put in your mouth (mwahaha) I was pondering whilst in the kitchen the other night (as you do) and if I had to choose between never eating chocolate again or never cooking with garlic again I think I’d honestly have to sacrifice my beloved chocolate.  How awful would so many dishes be without a smattering (and in this household it a very LARGE smattering, no complaints about garlic breath here) of fresh garlic for flavour.  Hell I haven’t had a roast without throwing some garlic in and then spreading the mooshy guts of that baby onto my meat before eating in years.  If you’ve never tried roasting whole garlic along with your spuds and carrots then DO IT!  Just cut the top off when you’re serving and scoop globs of roasted garlic out with your knife.  Heaven.
  • I lurve summer dresses they’re such happy, pretty, comfy looking things.  Alas I’ve never had the figure for one.  Maybe one year it’ll happen for me, sadly this year isn’t it so I’ll keep drooling over them from afar…

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts”

  1. I don’t have to watch “Trailer Park Boys”, I live close enough to the real thing! These people are a trip to watch. They don’t think like normal people.
    Maybe a trip to the gyno is in order for the plumbing!
    Roasted garlic is THEE best! I love it on just some baguettes. Hubby is sensitive to garlic, so I can’t roast it with everything, but I sneak it in whenever possible!
    OMG, those owls are adorable! Where did you see them!? Oh, go for it! You deserve to do something for yourself even if it’s a vintage night light! If it makes you feel happy!
    I don’t have the slender arms or shoulders for sundresses. From years of sailing, I’ve got “trim” arms that are more on the “athletic” side than feminine. I lust for them too, but it’ll never happen.
    Speaking of sailing, I LOVE your header picture!!
    Great post! I love random thoughts. Makes me feel like I’m not alone in thinking about inane things either!


  2. Glad I’m not alone on the roasted garlic loving, and to think I went 19 (maybe 20 years) before ever experiencing the heavenly flavour of fresh garlic! My mum didn’t cook meals from scratch so it was only if the jar of pasta sauce said “with garlic” that I got a dose of it. Life changing discovery fresh garlic! Okay that might be a slightly over-dramatisation but by golly its good!

    The owl lamps were on Etsy (I added the links, so if you click on the pictures it will take you to the item) and I might just buy one at some point! I love the vintage style money boxes too, I’d love a cute owl or even a colourful piggy bank for loose change (see I can even justify it having a purpose, ha!).

    Sundresses are very specific to certain body types aren’t they, some cruel kind of torture for the rest of us. To be honest even when I was thinner I didn’t really have the legs for dresses, but I’ll still dream of a calf-length or full-length sundress and hopefully I’ll get there one day (alternately when the dementia kicks in in my 70’s I could wander the streets in a floral nightie and feel the breeze).

    Glad you like the new header 🙂 I was getting a bit bored with the old one.


  3. Garlic is good for you too. Maybe not your breath, but for your insides!

    Those body types? tall, slender, long legged. Pfffft…..never gonna happen.


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