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What kind of crazy cooks a 5kg turkey in May? : Left-Overs Turkey Soup

We may have gotten a little greedy in the turkey department at Christmas last year.  We bought a 5kg frozen bird in late November.  We then popped to the shops 3 days before Christmas for some last minute food items (it’s all about the food) and there we spotted a fresh 8kg turkey and bought that one too.  The 5kg turkey has been in our freezer taking up an entire drawer and staring at me whenever the freezer door swings open ever since.

After it was cooked, there were a lot of leftovers given we were two people short with Master 7 and I were living at the hospital (fun times) so I made this yummy (and beautifully spicy) soup amongst other things when we finally got home.

Click the ingredients list for a printable pdf version of this recipe.

1/  Heat olive oil in a heavy bottomed saucepan over medium heat

2/  Add the onion, frying for 5 minutes or until it starts to soften and becomes translucent

3/  Add the red pepper, ground coriander and chilli flakes (if you or your children don’t like spicy food reduce this to 1/4 tsp or alternately if you love a bit of zing you could increase it to 1 full teaspoon) and stir for 1 minute

4/   Pour in the hot stock (assuming you made it up out of a stock cube) and stir in the beans and turkey (you could also use left over roast chicken if you prefer)

5/  Give your soup a taste and add salt and pepper to taste (I like this soup with a heavy dose of cracked black pepper) before bringing to the boil

6/  Lower heat, cover and let simmer for 10 minutes (or until the vegetables have softened)

7/  Give it another taste and season if needed

8/  Stir in your fresh coriander or parsley and serve with crusty bread


Based on this recipe from Good Food.

2 thoughts on “What kind of crazy cooks a 5kg turkey in May? : Left-Overs Turkey Soup”

  1. Oh dear, I do not miss 98 degree heat (or 36/37 degrees C for me) one bit! Very uncomfortable! And its only June, you poor thing!! Is it always this hot at this time of year in your part of the US? Not so long ago you were still dreary, grey and icey.

    Mild weather would have to be one of my very favourite things about moving from Aus to England 😀 Though my body’s adjusted now and 30 degrees makes me feel like I might possibly die if I don’t get into a cold shower.


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