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Ignorance is bliss…

I am at the hospital waiting for Master 7 to finish in surgery. It turns out the vomiting he had on Sunday night was the beginnings of appendicitis.

By yesterday arvo the stomach pain he had been having had moved to his groin and on the right.  He also couldn’t stand upright without agony.

I rushed him to the GP and from there she called us an ambulance.

NHS A&E leaves the French hospital for dead.  The care has been amazing.

The funny thing is I had my appendix out when I was 7 and my condition was much worse with it bursting  in Emergency…but obviously this is so much more terrifying.  Master 7 was very nervous about surgery ad we reassured him children have appendectomy’s all the time and no none of them die.

White lies

My child feeling safe and secure as he drifted off to sleep

The nurse walks me back up to the ward

I sit scared and worried…

…Ignorance is Bliss

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