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Robot Wars and Easter

Because I’m feeling particularly out of it (somehow I’ve got another child with a tummy bug vomiting his little guts up through the night.  At least its the clean kiddo this time…impecable chuck in the bowl aim, if only it were an olympic sport he’d have it in the bag), I’m just going to stick the photos up and be done with this post from last weekend.

On the Saturday we went to Robot Wars at the O2.  It was kinda lame and it wasn’t just me being a girl and not being into that kind of thing.  It was lame because they clearly didn’t want to break any of their robots so they’d taken any really menacing weaponry off and choreographed most of the “battles”.  The breaks in between fights were painful and the whole thing just dragged.

My favourite part of the day was when the presenter guy came up to Master 7 with his microphone and asked,  “So did you have a favourite robot in that fight?” and master 7,  very clearly into the microphone, proud as can be knowing he was on camera answered firmly, “No“.

…and then Sunday was Easter…  Chocolate, Easter egg hunt in the back garden and burgers for dinner in the park on a warm sunny day…

2 thoughts on “Robot Wars and Easter”

  1. The joys of parenting-I don’t miss those times. It’s nice when they get older and know enough to make it to the bathroom. I’m usually there with the Pepto Bismol.

    Robot Wars is something my kids were never into. The school science fair was bad enough. I felt your pain though.

    My Easter was so uneventful I don’t even remember what we did…..OH, we went to the Chinese Buffet. Whoopie.


  2. I can’t wait for them to be old enough that I only need to be a sympathetic ear whilst they run to the bathroom themselves!

    If there had been some serious robot carnage and it had been short and sweet I could almost have kind of liked it (not as much as a good book and a cup of tea mind you) but not even the kids liked it. I think they just cheaped out because they had sold tickets to several of these shows and didn’t want to have to repair any of the robots. I kept waiting for something to happen, it never did! Very painful.

    Chinese buffet sounds better then hiding in the pantry scoffing down chocolate 😉


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