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The Grand Finale…

…this post is probably long enough to be split in two…but nah…let’s just go for it

Our second day was probably our biggest, we were definitely run off our feet for the rest of the trip but we didn’t make a concerted effort to conquer entire “lands” after that.  I did get a silly sense of achievement from completing an entire “land” but there were so many rides that didn’t interest any of us that we just gave them a miss for the sake of our sanity.


Our third day was spent in Adventureland.  We found it a little disappointing.  It has so much potential, but looks like they haven’t spent any money updating the area since it opened in the 90’s.  It did have a playground for the kids to let off some steam and lots of walks around pirate ships with crocs and buried treasure in the distance, but the rides were definitely lacking.

The only proper ride we found open in Adventureland was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (The Pirates of the Caribbean ride was closed for maintenance).  Apparently it was a little lame as far as rollercoasters go (I stayed with the shorties who weren’t allowed on).

The Swiss family Robinson tree house was a cool idea but again, hadn’t been updated since it first opened and is looking dated.

Disney Studios

Our fourth day at Disneyland and the fateful day when Master 5 ingested something nasty and the vomiting began.

Here’s him being gross chewing on the bottom of his water bottle whilst we waited for the shuttle bus from the hotel.  He shoved that bottle into all sorts of things (garden beds, bus seats, random tables) it doesn’t really surprise me he ended up swallowing something that didn’t agree with him.  He does gross things like this all the time at home (third boy and all I don’t stress about him “sampling” germs around him….probably not wise when on holiday though) so it wasn’t odd behaviour, maybe he was just unlucky this time?

Anywho!  Off to the Disney Studios Park we went.  We started out with the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  The atmosphere was awesome, you really did feel like you were in a dilapidated haunted hotel, about to climb aboard a risky service elevator.  Master 5 had his hands in the air excitedly before the free fall had even begun, Mummy on the other hand hated the free fall and gave a firm, “no” to “can we go again?” (such a kill joy).

The Studio Tram tour was pretty lame, especially when compared to Universal Studios in the U.S, but it was an easy ride with a fairly fast-moving line.

The new Toy Story themed area was our kiddo’s favourite but also seemed to be the area where they train any new Disney staff!  The Slink the Dog mini rollercoaster took FOREVER to get everyone seated and the ride started…

James and Daddy waited patiently for the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop ride.  Heads up to anyone visiting the park, if you are happy to go on this ride alone/separately (i.e without kids in tow) there are two lines, one for groups of 2’s and 3’s and a line for singles.

There are a few non-ride attractions in Disney Studios that are a nice change.  We didn’t end up seeing the Stunt Show (sad face) and were so exhausted from days of walking around the parks that we couldn’t be stuffed waiting for the live shows.  Plus let’s face it, if you give a kid a choice of rides or sitting and watching a show, they’re going to choose rides every time.

We did watch the Art of Animation, a little ho hum but again…sometimes you just need to plant your butt for a bit and we could just walk straight into this one without waiting.  After watching the presentation the boys learned how to sketch Pooh Bear (good time waster whilst inside and seated…woohoo!).

We conquered most of the “Toon” area of Disney Studios with the Cars Race Rally ride and the Aladdin Carpet ride (another version of the Orbitron and Dumbo the Elephant rides in the main park).

…our second last ride was definitely one of the best ride’s in both parks,  The Aerosmith Rockin’ Roller Coaster was awesome!  I don’t even like rollercoasters but the music and dark kept it fun.  Do not get in line for this ride when a Stunt Show has just finished, you’ll be joining a crowd of people and long lines are never fun.

Master 5 got a lousy certificate (he wasn’t tall enough) and was not thrilled.  That’s a massive understatement, oh the cries of anguish!  Passers by must have thought I was threatening to murder the poor child and his entire family.

As a consolation prize we offered to take him on Crush’s Coaster to finish off the day before heading back to the hotel.  The wait on Crush’s Coaster was 45 minutes and it was rather painful.  10 minutes in Master 5 mentioned he had a bit of a tummy ache.  I gave him a cuddle and we waited some more.

Just as we were about to board the roller coaster, SPLAT…and…”Mummy! I vomited!!!!!!”.

Daddy told a staff member and exited quick smart (ick!).

I went on the ride with the other two and I can honestly say he couldn’t have timed throwing up any better!  This roller coaster is so not my cup of tea, it basically spins the raft thingy your strapped into round and round and ROUND!  They must clean spew up inside the ride several times a day considering the height limit (4 and 5 year olds +) and let’s just say anyone in the vicinity of the vomitee would be sticky by the end of the ride (oh dear).

Next followed a night of vomiting and 8 hours in a french hospital the following day, but you can find the nitty gritty on that here.

On Our final day we had booked a late train back to London in the hopes of getting another proper day at Disneyland before leaving.  The hotel was wonderful and the night manager told me to check out late the next day (it was midnight by the time we got back) so after midday we checked out and got the hotel to hold our luggage for us.  Master 5 was still dry retching the next morning but was keeping enough water and a little apple purée down.

Hubby had taken the older two to Disneyland whilst we’d been at the hospital and bought Master 5 his giant Mickey to cheer him up.  They managed to fit in a few rides too, so at least they got to do a large part of…


Master 5 wanted to go back to Disneyland (poor little man) so we decided to hire him a stroller and try to fit a ride or two in so he wouldn’t feel like he’d missed out.  He tried so hard to muster the energy to enjoy himself but in the end he asked to go home.  I think that’s a true testament to how wrecked our little man was, you’d have to be feeling absolutely awful to be 5 and not want to stay at Disneyland!

We went on the Peter Pan ride earlier in the week, so a big tick on that one.  We raced to the Dumbo the Elephant ride whilst the parade was still on one afternoon too.  This photo on the ride could have been all kinds of awesome….full family shot, if the shot were wider and taller…or alternately if my arms were longer!

We managed to get two rides in on our final day, it was a Saturday so the crowds were crazy.  The lines were long (waits as long as 75 minutes and the Fast Passes were sold out early in the day) but we managed to get onto It’s a Small World and the Pinocchio ride before calling it quits.

I really thought I’d like It’s a Small World but I have a lifelong hang up about dolls, I found their fake happy faces creepy as hell.  I didn’t hate the ride, (who doesn’t love looking for their home nation amongst all the displays?) but I don’t think I’d do it a second time.

We did a quick bit of shopping before we left.  Churros were gobbled down like there was no tomorrow and the boys spent their spending money in the gift shop/s

…and after a long week we left Disneyland for the final time, collected our luggage from the hotel and headed to Paris Nord to catch the Eurostar!

Phew!  If you’ve made it this far have a big pat on the back!

Here’s Part One and Part Two of our trip to Disneyland Paris

5 thoughts on “The Grand Finale…”

  1. Loved every minute of it! Looks like they all had a great time despite the little set back with Master 5. Your pictures were great! Do you think you’ll go back?


  2. I think we’d definitely consider going back at the same time of year again…I’d want to avoid the weekends altogether though and do everything a little slower next time. It was great seeing the kids having a great time but by the end of each day I was exhausted and my feet were swollen. I think we’d like to visit one of the U.S parks next time around just for something different.


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